How a bathroom fall changed Beth’s life – For the better

A ‘Wake Up’ Call
It happened just over two years ago. Beth and her husband Jim had spent most of the day preparing for a party they were hosting to celebrate their grandchild’s 10th birthday.

Like many of us, Beth looked forward to an evening bath to soothe sore muscles and melt away the stress of the day. But this time, Beth slipped and fell while stepping into the tub.

Beth was lucky. She had no broken bones, only a big bruise. But she was left with a lingering fear that she would slip again. And maybe next time, she wouldn’t be so lucky.

“I was scared of falling again. It really shook me up,” says Beth, “but I didn’t want to give up having a nice hot bath. So we decided to look into a Walk-in Bath.”

A Simple and Safe Solution
Beth’s decision was a good one. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among mature Canadians. And, Walk-In Bathtubs are a great way to minimize that risk.

Like the name implies, Walk-In Bathtubs are specifically designed to allow you to get in and out of the tub, easily and safely. Many designs also incorporate special safety and comfort features like internal grab bars, anti-slip floors and seats. And for those who prefer to shower standing up, handheld showerheads that can be wall-mounted are also available.

Premier Care in Bathing
Beth’s search led her to Premier Care in Bathing, the world’s leader in the supply and installation of Walk-In Bathtubs. She found a model that fit her budget and taste. In fact, she much prefers her new bath. “It’s not only safer”, she says, “but it’s much more comfortable.”

According to Malcolm Farmiloe, co-founder of Premier Bathrooms, the most common reaction of new Walk-In Bathtub owners is wondering why they waited so long to make the move in the first place. “While most Canadians buy Walk-In tubs for the safety, what they can’t believe is how much better the whole bathing experience is in so many other ways.”

Beth certainly agrees. “In hindsight, we should have bought a Walk-In Bathtub years ago,” say Beth. “I have complete peace of mind now in terms of safety and I love the hydrotherapy feature we chose. I feel like I’m in a spa every time I take a bath. I just love it!”

For More Information
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