Coaching service helps with diabetes

When you talk with people living with diabetes, or prediabetes, it is quite common to hear words such as “scary,” “angry,” “alone” and “overwhelmed.” It’s easy to understand why. Many of them are stressed about serious complications such as blindness, amputations and heart attacks; pressure from well-intentioned (but overbearing) loved ones; or declining performance at work.

While most people know they must “eat better and be more active,” getting started or staying on track can be a huge hurdle.

Day-to-day, personalized support
Live Well Coaching’s aim is to help people to conquer those challenges by providing personalized support from a team of nurses, dietitians and fitness experts. The coaches work with each client to identify barriers to change and then facilitate learning, problem solving and planning. “By focusing on a series of small, realistic changes that clients are motivated to achieve, coaching is an effective way to improve wellness,” explained Nancy Raymond, a Registered Nurse and Health Coach at Live Well Coaching.

Convenient access
The Live Well Coaching team recognizes that people are very busy and has made easy access a priority. For convenience, Live Well Coaching services are delivered online and by telephone, according to a client’s schedule. The remote access model can be ideal for people who work long hours or night shifts, or who live far away from healthcare resources.

“Clients really appreciate being able to send me a question at 10:00PM from home, and then receive an answer the next day,” said Raymond. Coaches are also proactive and will send a note to clients if a negative trend is identified in their blood glucose graphs.

“I can get feedback very, very quickly. That is really important to me,” said Ann Beaupre, who has lived with diabetes for almost 20 years.

With the combination of the coaches’ advice and online monitoring tools, Ms. Beaupre has a better understanding of how lifestyle choices impact her blood glucose levels. “I’m getting better control.”

Expertise at great value
The value of Live Well Coaching is excellent when compared with other wellness services. For the same price or less than gyms and weight loss programs, clients of Live Well Coaching can receive both fitness and nutrition plans, as well as ongoing support in one package.

Two key benefits that set Live Well Coaching apart are the availability of a nurse and staff who are Certified Diabetes Educators. “People who have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes need specialized plans and we have that expertise and understanding,” said Raymond.

Live Well Coaching is currently offering 50% off an assessment call with a coach for those who want to get a feel for the service. To book an assessment, call 1-866-337-3318, or for more information on Live Well Coaching visit the website

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