Got pain? A new tub can help ease it

(ARA) – No matter what kind of medications you take for joint pain or arthritis, one way to help manage the pain and discomfort has been around for centuries: a soak in a nice, hot tub.

Research has shown it works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal complaints, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back pain. Submersing yourself in a warm bath soothes sore joints by reducing the force of gravity, offering support for sore limbs, increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation.

Unfortunately, depending on your medical condition, getting in and out of a tub in your house can not only be challenging, but dangerous. You may fear using the bathroom, especially when it comes to getting in the bath, slipping or falling, and not having the strength to get yourself out of the bath once you are in.

No matter what size tub or shower you currently have, it can be replaced by a Premier Care walk-in bath. A walk-in bath allows people with strength or mobility issues to bathe in a safe, easy access tub with a contoured seat for comfort and the ability to bathe alone or with an assistant.

Sanctuary bathPremier Care has been helping customers for 25 years with bathtubs produced to the highest safety and quality standards to ensure comfort, safety and independence. Premier Care will assess your bathroom and your mobility needs to find the right walk-in bathtub for your home. They will install your new tub and leave your bathroom in perfect condition.

No matter the size of your bathroom, if you’re looking to add to your home to accommodate an elderly parent or relative, Premier Care has options to fit your space.

Contact Premier Care today to receive a free color brochure or to book a free in-home assessment and get a complete price quote on a walk-in bathtub – including installation. Simply fill out the contact form to transform your bathroom and your life.