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Do you donate money to cancer charities? If you do, here’s some important information from Charity Intelligence Canada, a non-profit that analyzes charities. It found that some of the deadliest cancers in Canada are underfunded relative to their toll in lives taken. Pancreatic cancer, which I had, is at the top of the list. It kills 3900 people a year in this country – the five-year-survival rate is only 6%, but it gets less than 1% of research funds, and a tiny fraction of charitable donations. Stomach, Lung and Colorectal cancers also get just a small sliver of that money.

By contrast, breast cancer gets more than half the funds. Its 89-per-cent five-year survival rate is a success story built on a survivor network that mobilizes funds for research, screening and treatment.

Charity Intelligence believes people should think strategically about their donations. It says that donors can make the biggest difference in transforming outcomes for cancer patients by giving money to those underfunded cancers – again pancreatic, stomach lung and colorectal cancer.

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