Taking control of arthritis: 7 steps to reduce pain

You might be surprised to learn that arthritis doesn’t only affect seniors. People of all ages, from children to Baby Boomers, can experience joint and musculoskeletal pain. But while there’s no cure for arthritis, which typically involves inflammation of the joint lining, there are ways to better manage its effects. Here’s how.

1. Consult your medical community. Because no two cases of arthritis are exactly the same, a doctor can help you diagnose the specific cause of your pain and whether there are any symptoms of inflammation. Next, he or she can prescribe the proper medication for pain relief. And you might even receive a referral to a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist to help you get back in action.

hydrojets2. Soak away your pain. There’s nothing relaxing about pulling yourself in and out of a bathtub, especially if you’re managing arthritis. A walk-in bath can help. With its secure, easy opening door, and sturdy handles, you can walk in, sit down and relax with ease. Better yet, a hydrotherapy spa system that creates a gentle flow of soothing bubbles is an ideal way to relieve arthritic aches and pains.

3. Book a massage. While there’s limited scientific evidence backing up the health benefits of massage, there is proof that it can help reduce pain for some people. For example, regular massage sessions have been shown to benefit patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the hand and knee. But that’s not all. By increasing blood circulation, soothing muscle aches, and decreasing pain, a massage from a registered therapist can provide some temporary relief from those aches and pains.

4. Strike a balance. Being in pain can be exhausting. And when faced with inflammation, you need to rest and reduce further damage to your joints. But at the same time, too much inactivity can weaken your joints surrounding muscles, causing greater pain the next time you engage in activity. That’s why it’s critical you strike a balance between rest and exercise. Listen to your body and get the rest you need to feel good. But also make sure your schedule includes regular exercise, whether it’s walking the dog or taking a stroll through your local shopping mall.

5. Laugh out loud. Although not as potent as painkillers, you may want to consider a comedy club for a little pain relief. That’s because research shows that laughter can cause your heart rate to increase, blood pressure to rise, breathing to accelerate, and a whole host of other physical reactions that can make you feel better.

Premier - Cove6. Go to bed. Getting the right amount of zzz’s isn’t just about beauty sleep. Rather, being well-rested can help ease your joints, reduce pain and swelling, and restore your energy. But while deep sleep is critical to good health, arthritis pain can make it difficult to catch a full-night’s rest. Listen carefully to how much sleep your body craves, and make up for lost evening hours with afternoon catnaps. Better yet, a soothing bath before bedtime can increase your body temperature, enhancing your ability to fall asleep faster, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

7. Rearrange your home. Stop stretching for the top shelf of your cabinet for a coffee cup. Instead, reorganize your shelves, cupboards and drawers so that everyday items are within easy reach. Moreover, give your hip and knee joints a break by placing heavier items such as electrical appliances within arm’s reach to reduce unnecessary bending and squatting.

No one is safe from arthritis. And there’s no known cure. But a few easy steps can help you better manage your pain, and help you get back to enjoying your life.

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Source: Arthritis Foundation*