2 simple steps for joint pain relief

Osteoarthritis has been long thought to be an inevitable condition brought on by wear and tear on the joints over time, but here’s some food for thought; according to the newest research, oxidative stress seems to play a role in osteoarthritis1. Researchers found that human cartilage in patients with osteoarthritis was significantly deficient in superoxide dismutase, a major free-radical scavenger2.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the most commonly used treatment for joint pain. Although these can offer short-term symptom management, they do not address the root cause of joint pain or promote healing within the joints. In fact, studies have shown that long-term use of NSAIDs can actually promote and accelerate destruction of the protective cartilage in the joints3.

For osteoarthritis pain relief to be truly effective, the solution should treat the root cause of pain and encourage the healing of joints with continued use, not promote further damage. For this to occur you need two key elements: to reduce the inflammation that is causing the pain and to provide the body with antioxidant nutrients to rejuvenate and repair.

Zwell offers two superior 100% drug-free, natural health products that have been shown in clinical trials to turn off the destruction in the joint, reduce inflammation and promote repair by providing antioxidant nutrition.

Introducing Zwell Reflexir. In clinical trials, 92% of users of the Reflexir compound reported significant relief from joint pain and experienced decreased inflammation4. The Reflexir compound is a proprietary blend of two natural and organic herbs; Cat’s Claw and Maca Extract.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is a large, woody vine that derives its name from hook-like thorns that grow along the vine that resemble the claws of a cat. It’s native to the Amazon Rainforest and is considered sacred by the local Indians. Recent studies have proven that Cat’s Claw contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Although Cat’s Claw is well documented as a very effective antioxidant, it’s believed that constituents in Cat’s Claw block the production of substances such as prostaglandins and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha, which are involved in inflammatory pathways5. One study showed it provided significant pain relief and increased joint mobility within a one week period6.

Maca Extract

Maca is a root vegetable that grows only in the Andean highlands zone of Peru. It has long been used as an adaptogenic herb to help restore vitality by stimulating the body’s systems. Recent research has shed a light on how and why Maca has also been used as a treatment for arthritis.

One study showed Maca can activate the gene for Insulin Growth Factor -1 (IGF-1) in local tissues independent of other stimuli. Maca activates the repair process to restore joint function and architecture by activating the gene that turns on IGF-1. This gene is normally suppressed during inflammation. In turn, this causes new cartilage to regenerate and builds and strengthens supporting musculature.

In combining the powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant nutrition of Cat’s Claw with Maca’s ability to restore joint health, these two plant extracts have yielded some significant research and clinical results for addressing joint pain and repair.

You’ve heard about fruits and veggies and now all-natural herbs to boost your intake of antioxidants that promote joint health and longevity but what about omega-3 fatty acids? Long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal nutrition and overall wellness. They reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and are an important factor in cognitive health and brain function. Since your body is unable to produce omega-3 fats on its own, you must get them through diet and supplementation.

Introducing Zwell Krill Oil – a unique omega-3 supplement with chemical properties that make it more bio-available (more easily used by bodily cells) than other fish oil products. Zwell Krill Oil is clinically proven in double-blind trials to benefit good health7 and is a rich source of a naturally occurring antioxidant, astaxanthin. Similar to fish oil, Krill Oil contains a high amount of the omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexanoic Acid) but has 48 times more antioxidant power than regular fish oil8.

In clinical trials, Zwell Krill Oil reduced arthritis pain by 29% and stiffness by 20% in just 4 weeks. (9)

As a source of protection against arthritis pain, Zwell Krill Oil has been found to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP, an indicator of inflammation in arthritis patients) by 19.3% compared to a 15.7% increase with a placebo. CRP was further dropped about 30% after 14 and 30 days in the group being given Krill Oil; arthritis pain was reduced by 28.9% and stiffness was reduced by 20.3%. These findings demonstrate the benefits of Krill Oil as a potent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant source.

If you or someone you love wants to do one simple thing every day to calm inflammation and increase their antioxidant intake, the Trusted Advisors at Zwell recommend Zwell Krill Oil and Zwell Reflexir. Taken individually or in combination, these natural treatments for joint pain have provided relief for many Zoomers who suffered with pain, and also suffered with side effects from their joint pain medications.

Zwell Reflexir and Zwell Krill Oil are 100% natural, drug-free options for joint pain that don’t just mask symptoms – they address the root cause of the problem and work with your body to promote true health & healing.

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