Find out the shocking truth about Canada’s mobility crisis

Yet there is no national strategy for dealing with this.

That’s why has joined forces with the Canadian Orthopaedic Care Strategy Group to create MobilizeCanada – a new campaign designed to inform people about the mobility crisis, and provide valuable information to help you deal with mobility problems.

On the MobilizeCanada microsite you’ll receive valuable tips on managing mobility problems, plus information on the latest products, techniques and research trends. You’ll also be able to keep up – and, hopefully, influence – developments in public policy that affect this vital issue.

As a first step, get all the facts. Find out just how big the problem is. Learn how Canada stacks up compared to other countries. (Hint: you won’t be happy).

It’s all in this SPECIAL REPORT, and you can download the pdf right now. Click here to obtain this urgent report.

If you suffer from mobility problems – or know or care for someone who does – take a few moments to visit our new MobilizeCanada microsite…and tell as many people as you can. If we mobilize, we can make a difference in raising the profile of this urgent health problem – and finding new solutions!