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In 2006, Eve Brouwers was training to celebrate her 50th birthday by cycling across Canada. For the first time ever, she was about to pass her coach in a downhill race.

“Out of my way!” she yelled triumphantly. Seconds later, she was unconscious.

“My front tire hit my coach’s back tire,” Eve remembers, “and I went right over the handlebars and landed on my head.” They were in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully, luck was on Eve’s side. The first person to drive by the accident was a retired fireman. And a registered nurse was in the second car that stopped to help.

“I am the luckiest person in the world,” Eve claims. It’s hard to doubt her — a week before her accident, someone stopped her while she was riding and adjusted her helmet, telling her “if you are going to wear a helmet, wear it right.” These three coincidences helped save her life. Unfortunately the generic medical ID she was wearing did not.

“I had a bracelet and all it said was Type 1 Diabetes on the back. It didn’t help the paramedics one stitch! It didn’t tell them what medications I was on. It didn’t tell them my emergency contact information. After I recovered from my accident, I signed up for MedicAlert immediately. If you are going to wear a medical ID, wear it right!”

For more than 50 years, MedicAlert has been speaking for Canadians during emergencies. Only MedicAlert IDs are supported by a unique 24/7 emergency hotline that gives paramedics access to your health and emergency contact information within 5 seconds.

“It’s simple,” says Eve. “I won’t get in a car without wearing a seatbelt. I won’t get on my bike without my helmet. And I won’t leave my house without MedicAlert.”

Now a loyal MedicAlert member, Eve owns an ID for every occasion, including:

With MedicAlert, peace of mind now comes in more than 100 different styles and for 50PLUS readers, becoming a member just became even more affordable!

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