Get fit Bollywood style

We’ve all seen the Bollywood film industry take off in a big way over the past decade, and from this success comes the inspiration for a new style of working out Reshmi Chetram has coined Bollyfit!

We had a quick chat with Reshmi to ask her about the program and the benefits of a non-traditional workout for people of all ages.

How did Bollyfit begin? What motivated you to start it?

Bollyfit started as a class with one location at our dance studio in Scarborough, originally as a way to engage parents of our students and those of a different age demographic.

I was motivated to start Bollyfit when I realized that there are so many people who love Bollywood music and dance — but they don’t necessarily want to learn full routines and choreography. Bollyfit was the perfect solution! They can now come to a class, engage in the culture, have fun dancing to the music and get fit at the same time.

How has it changed your life and the lives of those participating?

Bollyfit has allowed me to reach out to many people whom I don’t think I would’ve known if the program didn’t exist. It brings together all kinds of individuals and each one of them carries their own story. From participants who use it as a way to find time for themselves, to people who take our rhythm classes to get over an injury and those who just love to come out and dance. Bollyfit has allowed me to engage and build relationships with all of these members.

In 2010 our Bollyfit Spotlight Member was Ms Sharon Junor. She started with one class a week and eventually built up to four, and then went on to complete a nutrition specialist course and has found herself in a great place now.

Along with promoting members’ progression, Bollyfit has gone out into the community and done senior and youth outreach programs such as Y.A.M Youth Arts Movement with Lakeshore Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

At Bollyfit, we know that it’s not about being a performer or being the most coordinated individual — it’s about being comfortable with yourself and striving to achieve your personal potential when it comes to the quality of your overall life and health.

What is it about Bollyfit that people have enjoyed so much? What makes it stand out from other fitness programs?

People love Bollywood music; they love the culture and the vibrancy of it all. Bollyfit classes give everyone a way into that world. From our dance moves to the music and the energy that flows from the instructor into our participants — they are transported into a Bollywood world, and the beauty of it all is that after the class, they feel great and do not feel like they just went through a workout.


Is the fun aspect of it helpful in keeping participants motivated?

Most definitely. Bollyfit becomes something personal. The class allows participants to walk away with fun new dance moves for the dance floor at their social events. We have a great time in our classes — and people come back often, as there is always something new in every Bollyfit class.

What are some quick and fun ways our readers can start to get in shape today?

Drink lots of water and start getting active in small increments and slowly build up. But more than anything just put on some music at home and start dancing! We always tell our participants to “stay energized, stay motivated and don’t forget to dance!”

Watch a video of Reshmi teaching Bollyfit to the audience at ideacity 2010:

You can also watch Reshmi hosting Bollyfit! on The Brand New One:
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