Lasers to the rescue!

Shedding a new light on pain relief
If you are living in pain and the pills your doctor prescribed aren’t doing the job as well as you would like, then it’s time to visit our Centre. Pain relief is our specialty and we offer several Health Canada approved methods to get you pain free. Whether you choose chiropractics, acupuncture, orthotics or leading edge laser therapy our mission is to relieve your pain and improve your health.

Once you enter the centre you’ll notice that the doctors provide exceptional patient focused care and they treat you as a partner in the therapeutic process. Experience has taught them that educating the patient regarding their condition, utilizing the most effective therapies and limiting each doctor to a specific number of new patients per month, provides the best results for our patients.

The Advanced Therapeutic Centre constantly upgrades its techniques and are at the forefront of low level laser therapy, the most advanced, effective and non-invasive form of therapy. Lasers are the treatment of choice for pain control and tissue healing in rehabilitation medicine because they are safe, painless and generate remarkable results with no radiation or side effects and Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson, director of the Advanced Therapeutic Centre, is one of the pioneers in using laser therapy. He co-invented a laser that received 7 Health Canada and FDA Approvals and over 25 years experience in laser therapy. Click here for Q&A on Laser Therapy.

Lasers are absolutely 100% safe and are increasingly used in Hospitals for wound healing/bed sores, Sports Medicine Centers and Pain Clinics. The basic mechanism of the laser is to provide light energy – photons, which enter the tissue and initiate chemical processes for the reduction of pain/inflammation and the healing of tissues.

Lasers can be used for other aspects of your painful or osteoarthritis joint. These joints are stiff and have fibrous/scar tissue, which cause decreased range of movement. With the wear and tear of the bones of the joint, small spurs or calcium deposits may develop. The laser reduces the fibrous/scar tissue, breaks up the calcium deposits and decreases the size of the bone spur.

As the joint tissues are improved, specific rehab exercises must be provided to strengthen/stabilize the joint/area. This is imperative in order to prevent injury to the joint/area, or the patient, due to falls.

The Advanced Therapeutic Centre recognizes that even with all the focus and positive results of low level laser therapy there are some clients who may prefer the tried and true methods of chiropractic and acupuncture therapy. The Centre also offers these methods as an alternative solution to give you back your pain free life.

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