Enjoy a healthy active summer with Truestar

Light Summer Eats
By now, we all know the importance of eating well when it comes to living life at our optimal health. At Truestar, we believe in the 80-20 Rule when it comes to eating right. The 80-20 Rule entails focusing on consuming wholesome, fresh, naturally-sourced foods that best serve our bodies 80% of the time. Keeping in mind that we are all human and need to “cheat” once in a while, the other 20% of the time is allotted for the occasional treat (which isn’t hard with summer indulgences at every turn). Follow the Truestar Nutrition Program, print off the customized grocery lists and really take the time to read labels while shopping. Education is your greatest tool for success when it comes to healthy eating.

Also, make sure to stay hydrated this summer with plenty of water. If you’re looking for a little twist, try adding lemon or lime to it!

Get Outside, Get Active!
Our bodies work very hard for us every moment of every day, so we need to respect them and help them in any way we can. Scheduling in at least 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity every day is a realistic goal. You can always increase the time and length of your workouts from there. Go for a long bike ride, rollerblade or hike with family or friends during the warm and beautiful weather. Remember, working out with friends isn’t only fun, it also holds you accountable to your exercise commitment and helps you to push one another to meet the challenges.

Switching up your workouts is also a great way to keep you motivated for the long term. The Truestar Exercise Program will create the perfect plan for you, for FREE!

As we begin a new fitness regimen, the body’s nutritional demands are positively associated to the intensity of our workouts. Try our delicious protein powder, TrueStrength, in a smoothie for breakfast or after your workout. Need a little boost of energy for your new healthy routine? Try our amazing TrueENERGY product today! Combining this with TrueThermo is a great option as it helps to rev up your metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories and making your workouts more effective!

You are Unique
TrueBASICS for Men/Women has all of your daily basic vitamin and mineral requirements covered. This product also contains high-potency amounts and minerals and trace elements are provided in their safest and most bioavailable forms.

Truestar’s Vitamin Profiler will find the right vitamins and supplements for your personal health and wellness needs. This can change based on diet and lifestyle modifications so be sure to keep your Truestar Profile up to date!

Practice Positivity
Gather all of the energy from the sun you can this summer and use it to brighten your inner world. Commit to practicing positivity, mindfulness and compassion. Treat people the way that you want to be treated! Use the Truestar Attitude Section to guide you in the right direction. Track your mood with the Happy Meter and set some new summer goals with the Goal Keeper!

Sleep Tight
Enjoy the daylight hours in the sun, but remember to stick with a regular sleep routine. Truestar’s Sleep Program will help you realize the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try TrueSLEEP for a perfect night’s rest.