Heart and Stroke Report 2013

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How healthy do you think you are? How healthy are you really? According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s annual report on the health of Canadians, when it comes to Zoomers, there’s a big disconnect between those two things. The online survey focused on baby boomers and found that while 80 per cent of respondents described themselves as healthy, their health habits told a very different story. And even after being diagnosed with chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes, these Zoomers rarely made lifestyle changes that could improve quality of life or prolong their lives.

Nearly 85 per cent of respondents did not eat the recommended number of fruits and vegetables per day. More than 60 per cent were overweight or obese, 40 per cent fell short of ideal physical activity levels. 30 per cent said they were often or always stressed, 20 per cent were smokers, and 11 per cent suggested they were heavy drinkers.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation says these habits are setting people up for years of disappointment because they are ignoring the fact that long life is not always equated with good health. And people often live up to 10 years beyond the time their health has deteriorated.

The bottom line is try to make those common sense changes that can add to a longer, healthier life

Libby ZnaimerAbout The Zoomer Report
Libby Znaimer, a prominent Canadian journalist specializing in business, politics, and lifestyle issues, is producer and host of The Zoomer Report, a special feature on topics of interest to baby boomers and the 50+. It covers everything from health and wealth to leisure and volunteerism, from the special vantage point of the generation that has changed society in its wake.

Ms. Znaimer is also Vice-President of News and Information for Classical 96.3FM and AM740. Her first book, “In Cancerland – Living Well Is The Best Revenge” – was published in October 2007 by Key Porter.


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