Make Your Smile Brighter

Did you know? According to a survey commissioned by Crest and Oral B, 98 per cent of Canadians feel that oral health is an important part of overall health. Yet, it seems only 30 per cent follow an oral care regimen despite ranking a great smile as the No. 1 physical attribute for attraction.

This is no surprise to Dr. Veronica Sanchez, Procter & Gamble’s global manager of scientific communication for oral health who says studies show that people look from your mouth to your eyes continually while in conversation, and a match between the whites of your eyes and your teeth has a pleasing natural appeal.

That might explain why 86 per cent of those surveyed wanted whiter teeth, which can be more challenging as we age and our enamel wears down becoming more translucent and revealing the yellow dentine underneath.

To complement Crest’s 3D Whitestrips, which Sanchez likened to steam-cleaning your carpets to remove deep-down stains, the company has introduced 3D White Luxe Glamorous White toothpaste ($5 for 125 ml), Multi-Care Whitening Rinse ($7 for 473 ml) and the Vivid toothbrush ($5) for daily maintenance to keep those pearly whites, white.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends brushing after each meal. Timing, too, is important – brush for at least two minutes, which 69 per cent of survey respondents said they would do if their toothbrush alerted them. Sanchez says it is one advantage of upgrading from a manual to a power model.

The other reason to switch is for a consistent clean; according to Sanchez, we tend to brush the opposite side from our dominant hand more thoroughly – and no one wants a lop-sided smile.