Bosom Buddies

Whether you take an inside-out or an outside-in approach, there are plenty of options for improving breast health.

Rack ’em Up

Convinced you’ve been that B cup your entire adult life? Fluctuating hormones, slight weight changes and age can all affect your cup size. John Izzo, vice-president design and product development at La Vie en Rose, recommends getting sized every six months. Many bra stores offer free fittings. If you have a larger bust and want a supportive style that doesn’t sacrifice appearance, try La Vie en Rose’s Soft Molded Bra ($36), which has chic lace details and wide cushioned straps that reduce pressure on the shoulders.

Peak Conditions

Lifestyle choices like exercise and a low-fat diet high in fibre reduce your risk of breast cancer. There are also benefits to taking supplements. A clinical trial, approved by Health Canada, found the nutritional ingredients in femMED Breast Health ($30) may reduce the risk of estrogen-dominant abnormal breast cell growth by promoting a healthy estrogen balance.

Boob Tubes

They may not duplicate the results of surgical enhancement, but breast creams can deliver some perkiness without the need to go under the knife.

Along with Asian root extract and myrrh to promote fat storage in the bust, Rodial Boob Job ($150) uses pentapeptide and wheat protein to firm and plump the skin around the décolleté as well as promoting collagen synthesis to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Talika Bust Cream 2.0 ($55) contains mukal bark extract to target fat storage, biometric peptides to improve skin tone and elasticity and kigela africana for firmness. Eyes up, boys!

Bust a Move

Gone are the days of swinging our arms and chanting, “I must, I must, I must increase my bust.” Today, it’s all about lift and tone – not to mention the cancer-preventing benefits of exercise. Strengthen the muscles around your breasts and stimulate your lymphatic system – the area around the breasts has a high concentration of lymph nodes – with yoga positions like cow-face pose (gomukhasana): from a crossed-legged position on the floor, bring your knees to the centre until your right knee is stacked on top of your left and your feet are pointing in opposite directions. Bend your left arm, bringing it over your shoulder and behind your back. Bend your right arm and draw it under your shoulder and behind your back. Hook your hands together (hold a strap between your hands if they do not meet behind the back). Keep your back straight, head up and gaze forward. Hold for 30 seconds, breathing deeply. Reverse the position of your arms and legs and repeat the exercise. This pose also improves posture – another guaranteed bust enhancer.