Menopause: Chill Out Time

Sex hormone levels fall during menopause, but some barely notice the transition. Others may suffer the dreaded hot flashes, headaches, urinary incontinence, a dwindling interest in sex and night sweats. If symptoms are intense and affect quality of life, respected medical organizations, including the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, suggest hormone therapy may be appropriate, using the smallest dosage over the shortest period of time to relieve discomfort.

For women who prefer an over-the-counter remedy, Jamieson Laboratories offers Meno-Ade, a lemonade drink taken daily that includes a soy-free genistein (a plant-derived estrogen-like compound whose action compares to estrogen produced by mammals), which has been shown to reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Bone mineral density declines after menopause so, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, its formulation supplies calcium and vitamin D3, which (along with a healthful diet and exercise) maintain bone. (The sensible consumer will read the product’s advisory that suggests up-to-date mammograms and gynecological exams and important contraindications.)

To combat the vagaries of a wacky internal furnace, women can tote an elegant Coldfront cooling kit, which holds two palm-sized gel packs. The kit goes from freezer to purse – packs re-cool in 20 minutes if put back in the Coldfront kit.

Pressed to neck, back of knees or chest, Cool Off Icy Cold Herbal Therapeutic Cooling Towelettes, which are saturated with 17 herbs, botanicals and essential oils (including aloe vera, arnica, sea weed and chamomile), lower skin temperature for up to an hour.