New Science on Aging

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Here, recent peaks and valleys in the journey to live longer and better.


1 New study shows that the survival rate after heart surgery is higher among married seniors. Decoding how 50 years of marriage contributes to landing you in cardiac surgery in the first place requires another study altogether.

This is either a scientific breakthrough or the plot for Robocop: The Golden Years A joint European project aims to build motorized exoskeletons for seniors to wear on their arms, legs and back to alleviate mobility issues.

2 Japanese and Finnish researchers are also looking to develop robot helpers to care for seniors. Between the robotic exoskeleton and the robot servants, we’re one evil genius away from creating a race of Robo-grannies and gramps bent on world domination.


3 British scientists find a mixture of elements in champagne that could help ward off cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s. Or at least that’s what they told their supervisor when asked why they blew their grant money at the liquor store.

In other news…

“New research shows cognitive decline could be slowed in older people who are hard of hearing if they use hearing aids” … shouted scientists to a room full of potential test subjects.

Meanwhile, we’re one step closer to decoding the mysteries of aging California scientists glean information from aging and a cancer-related enzyme that could revolutionize management of both.

And remember telling the kids that sitting too close to the TV would ruin their eyes? Research shows that occurrences of everything from cancer to liver disease related to excessive sitting are higher in couch potatoes over 50.