Yoga for golfers: Building core strength and stability

My fitness programs are unique in many ways. Over 20 years of training has
taught me the most effective method of developing strength and flexibility is
with our “hybrid” program. We incorporate varying styles of flexibility
and strength conditioning — dynamic, static, active elongation and explosive.
Today we utilize dynamic conditioning, characterized as coordination of breathing
and movement during the exertion phase of the exercise and static stretching,
characterized as holding the stretch for over one minute, for the counter pose.
Pay close attention to the alignment of your body, moving slowly, breathing deeply
in and out of your nose except when otherwise instructed.

Benefits of building core strength and stability:

* Facilitates better posture

* Enables your ability to access energy from the core

* Stabilization of the core supports proper posture

* Generates more power, specifically while walking.

* Facilitates awareness of core strength and stability

Quick fitness tip:

The mind is a powerful aspect of physical conditioning and it is proven
that when one mentally focuses on the engaged or activating specific muscles
the results are remarkable. Focus the mind on the specific part of the body
and the function of the exercise with net a greater result. This is a core component
of all our yoga based exercises – the mind and body connection.

Let’s get started!

Table top posePar Level:

Table top pose with power breathing and abdominal pulls:

Place the hands directly under the shoulders and the knees directly under the
hips. Relax the cervical spine by maintaining a neutral head position. Inhale
deeply and on the exhalation pull the navel towards the spine. This action is
done with a rapid and forceful movement. The exhalation is through the nose
and sounds as if you are directing someone to be quiet. Note: the sound is a
forceful “ssshh”. Do not allow the spine to move which forces the
engagement of the abdominals.

Repeat as many times as possible, ultimately working up to three sets of 20

Core abdominal pressesPar Level:

Core abdominal presses with yoga block over head:

Begin on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor, placing your yoga
block between your hands. Lower the arms to a 45 degree angle to the floor.
Press your lower abdominals towards your spine and your spine towards the floor.
Imagine you are pressing a penny into the floor under your low back. Focus your
attention to the TVAs, envisioning the lower abdominals pressing towards the

It is critical that your lumbar spine and ribcage maintain connection
to the floor

Hold for one minute relax and repeat three times.

Core abdominal presses - advancedBirdie Level:

For more advanced students slowly lift the left leg off the floor. It is critical
that your lumbar spine and ribcage maintain connection to the floor.
Switch sides and repeat ten times. Raise and lower the legs as slowly as possible
for one to two minutes.

Supported bridge poseSupported Bridge pose:

Practice this pose every day every time you practice your core program. The
supported bridge pose is the counter pose for core exercises. Place a yoga block
under the tail bone as represented in the photo. Focus on the extension of the
front of the body. You should not feel any discomfort in the lumbar spine. Allow
the body to rest on the yoga block for three to five minutes. Breathe deeply
in and out through the nose.

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