Daily Horoscopes

Wednesday May 18, 2022


The sky’s the limit for you today as the horizon-broadening Sagittarius moon soars into a trine with Venus in Aries. Don’t bog yourself down with bothersome detail work. This day would be better spent on creative brainstorming, big-picture planning and anything that gets you excited about the future. Once you’re lit up with inspiration, dealing with the production grind won’t be such a drag. Rather than fixating on WHAT you’re creating, first try nailing WHY you’re actually inspired to put any effort into it in the first place.


Be as fluent as you can in body language today, Taurus. As the moon syncs up with your ruler, sensual Venus, people will send you subtle cues with their posture, eye contact (or lack thereof) and nervous gestures. If someone avoids your gaze, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re hiding something from you…but why? Perhaps you haven’t earned their trust. If this relationship is important enough to pursue, work on proving that you are someone who can be counted on. With enchanting Venus in the mix, genuine compliments can also help, but don’t rely on flattery alone.


The element of surprise works favorably in your personal life today, Gemini, as the moon drops into a sweet formation with Venus in your unpredictable eleventh house. Catch your sweetie or BFF off-guard with an unexpected gift or a clever evening plan. Remain open-minded about a subject that you previously labeled “too triggering” to touch. It’s time to get into dialogue about this issue instead of battling for moral supremacy. You may still have to agree to disagree, but you don’t have to shut each other down in the process.


It’s great that you’re finally willing to give an unconventional method a try, but you still need to balance the recipe with time-tested traditional wisdom. Bring a dose of practical magic back to the mix today, Cancer. You can get back to the fun stuff AFTER you’ve nailed the micro-deets of a plan, like schedules, budgets, getting resources and people lined up to help. It’s important that you have this all spelled out before you make any renegade moves. If all this thinking gets you too out of body, drop back in with a candlelight yoga class or a walk under the stars.


Your flair for drama works in your favor today, Leo, as the optimistic Sagittarius moon catches a wave of passion from Venus in Aries. Snap people out of their drone-like states with your playful and wild ideas. In conversations, speak passionately and from the heart. This day was meant for making bold statements, through words, action and colorful style choices. Just make sure you aren’t embellishing the truth. Remain authentic, and your ideas will catch on like wildfire. Romantically, today’s cosmic forecast is bright and beautiful—but you’ll have to be the one to make the first move. Don’t hesitate, initiate.


If you want to make a statement today, pull back instead of launching forward. Actions—or lack thereof—speak louder than words. For example, if someone in your life has been taking advantage of your generosity, don’t come back with, “Thank you, sir, may I have another.” To regain your power, stop rewarding bad behavior. Even in the best of relationships, it’s okay to let people miss you sometimes, in the name of maintaining some all-important autonomy. Today, your biggest challenge is to resist the urge to call, text or chase!


When conflict spins up, gentle Libras often want to run in the exact opposite direction—or at the very least, smooth ruffled feathers as quickly as you can. But try this radical concept on for size: What if by suppressing disagreement, you’re actually pressurizing it and making it QUICKER to explode? While a new approach will take time to nail, stop yourself from “making nice” in the face of a disagreement. Instead, get curious. A question like, “Can you say a little more about that?” could open up profound pathways of understanding today. 


Today’s Sagittarius moon brings a primal PSA: Sexy is as sexy does. You could have the hair, makeup and wardrobe to rival a runway model and still feel off your game. That’s because your true radiance lights up when you’re doing or talking about something that you are passionate about. Ironically, those are the moments when you’re too busy to even care what you look like. Dive into an activity you love so much it consumes you. Then watch as your admirers line up to bask in your glow. With Venus in your fame zone, why not turn on the camera and go live to share your wisdom?


There are days when everything’s so frustrating that you want to rip it all up and start from scratch. So why keep pushing yourself, o’ persistent Goat? If your efforts haven’t brought you the results you crave, there’s no shame in returning to square one. You don’t have to take the wrecking ball to anything you’ve built, though! Put it on a shelf temporarily and let it rest. Perhaps what’s needed next is allowing yourself to indulge in some real relaxation. A “eureka!” moment could happen while you’re meditating, singing in the shower or lying on a massage table.


Who’s that shy soul hanging out on the periphery? Summon your inclusive spirit today, Aquarius, and draw them in. Who knows? They may not have your stellar social skills, but they could have tons to offer the collective. Plus, your endorsement can ease the awkward transitional moments, making it easier to feel this newbie out. If you’ve been a fringe participant in a group, try getting to know one intriguing member on a closer basis. Once you forge the first alliance, it becomes easier to connect to others in this crew, especially if your new pal is a mover and shaker among the ranks.


If an unconventional opportunity presents itself today, don’t brush it off without taking a closer look. With the moon nuzzling beauty-queen Venus, this could serve as a spotlight for your talents—or help you gain some recognition as an influencer. It would be fun to see your name in lights for the right reason, Pisces, like getting credit for work that you are proud of. If this is a “one-hit wonder” opportunity that could damage your reputation, however, just say no. You’ve worked too hard to get your name in good standing to let it get dragged through the mud.


You don’t have to wait for something to break down before you tune it up. In fact, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure under today’s caring moon-Venus trine. Pay attention to any minor trouble spots: the drippy faucet, the mild pain in your shoulders, the tension in your BFF’s voice. Prevent the crisis before it even has a chance to appear. The same holds true for your relationships. Don’t step over small comments or actions that repeatedly annoy you. Talk about them now before your temper goes from simmer to boil.