Daily Horoscopes

Wednesday June 23, 2021


You’re feeling like a boss, Ram, but be careful not to overstep your authority. With alchemical Pluto touring your career corner, you’re hellbent on reinventing yourself in the image you desire, but today, the dramatic dwarf planet opposes harmonizing Venus in your personal zone. You may need to back down from an unflinching demand or be prepared to compromise on what just yesterday was a non-negotiable point. Don’t see this as defeat but rather a lesson in diplomacy.


Rethink any plans to tuck in for the evening, Taurus. Your ruler, culture vulture Venus, is lighting up your third house of communication and local happenings—and she’s enmeshed with intensifier Pluto in your exploratory ninth house. A little online sleuthing is sure to reveal a live performance in the park or an outdoor gathering with people who share your more offbeat interests. Grab your most festive mask and be ready to say yes to all proposals as soon as you clock out!


Today, Venus in tender Cancer forms a 180-degree angle to smoldering Pluto in your seductive eighth house, proving that opposites do attract. Stay open to chemistry that sparks with people who are not remotely your usual type. But don’t try to accelerate from zero to 100 in five seconds! Allure is one thing, but if this is going to last more than 12 hours, advance strategically. Attached? If you want someone’s undivided attention, head to a neutral location. Wander around and see what you discover together. Once you’re both feeling relaxed and connected, it will be safe to open up about something you’ve been scared to tell your S.O.


With romantic and beautifying Venus lighting up your sign, you almost can’t do enough to make yourself feel attractive, healthy and well cared for. Book a hair appointment, perhaps doing something a little edgier to flash your bold spirit. But note that the love planet clashes with controlling Pluto in your partnership house today, triggering potentially stormy seas. A romantic interest may be jealous or insecure about all the attention you attract. Depending on how that makes you feel, either cut them some slack—or cut them loose!


Your ingenuity may hit a new high today, but is it appropriate for all audiences? There’s a lot to be said for free-range imagination, but under the day’s rein-it-in skies, you need to honor the devil that’s in the details. With Venus in emo Cancer and your visionary twelfth house, you’re tapping into another dimension. Yet a reality-checking opposition from demanding Pluto in your practicality sector needs to know this is doable. Map it out as best you can, but let the doubters know you’re still in “R+D” mode.


Squad goals take precedence over personal ambitions today, but make sure you know where your line in the sand is, Virgo. Your service-oriented sign is happy to pitch in for the team’s sake or “mop up” another’s mess. But as agreeable Venus in your community zone clashes with controlling Pluto, your vision and someone else’s might be wildly out of sync. Stop before you jump into the fray, and make sure you’re not compromising your good name for a sketchy mission.


You could spend today crushing an important project, but there may be a torrent of interruptions if you don’t head ‘em off at the pass. Change your thoughts to release stress, and you’ll feel the benefits! With your ruler, efficient Venus, live-streaming in your career house, you’re in a creative and productive groove. But an SOS from demanding Pluto in your domestic quarters could drive you to distraction. Don’t wait for fires to break out to put them out; think of what MIGHT come up ahead of time and do everything you can to prevent it from happening in the first place.


You might find yourself in serious “approach-avoidance” mode today as amorous Venus in your erotic eighth house opposes Pluto, lord of the dangerous liaison. A dubious attraction may be hard to resist, begging two questions: Why risk it? And, why NOT risk it? You have free will on this one, Archer, but don’t get carried away. Things may be wildly hot in the moment, but here’s the most important question of all: How will you feel in two days if this seductive prospect ghosts?


Under today’s confusing opposition of love planet Venus and controlling Pluto in your “me and us” houses, you might act a bit too authoritarian with a loved one. Ouch! You can go a long way toward keeping partnerships in balance if you give as good as you get. And if someone turns down one of your requests, try not to take it personally. They ARE entitled to their preferences!


Don’t be tempted by the things you can’t—or shouldn’t—have, Water Bearer. Granted, forbidden fruit might taste the sweetest, but the remorse you feel after the fact isn’t worth the gorge-fest. Of course, with sensual Venus entangled with shadowy Pluto in your subterranean zone, resistance might prove futile. Whatever you decide to do, your one non-negotiable should be that you don’t take any risks when it comes to your health. Prioritize safety even if you play with a little bit of fire.


You’re not one to rock the boat, but if someone is steering your team in a patently wrong direction, it’s your duty as a crew member to say something before it’s too late. With manipulative Pluto in your collaborative eleventh house facing off with amicable Venus, don’t worry what this person will think of you, Pisces. If you’re not comfortable being the lone voice of dissent, talk to your colleagues privately and see who else is feeling like you do. There’s strength in numbers, so tap it!


Today brings an interesting challenge, Scorpio. That person who’s been triggering you nonstop? Take a closer look at what they might symbolize from your past. An opposition of tactful Venus and your ruler, metaphysical Pluto, in your wisdom zones could be dropping some major clues about what you stand to learn about yourself if you stop seeing others as “enemies” and view them as a reflection of your own shadow side. We all have things we’d rather not face. Their message might be “time’s up” on that score.