Daily Horoscopes

Tuesday March 2, 2021


Are power dynamics off-kilter, Aries? Today’s square between the moon in your interpersonal zone and controlling Pluto could crank up the coercion. If you start to feel bullied or become the target of someone’s misdirected anger, don’t lie down and take it. Be strategic in how you shift the energy. Inciting an all-out war will just leave you with greater problems. Tip: Don’t reinforce the offending behavior. When the button-pushers see they’re not going to get a reaction out of you, they’ll back off.


While it might sound like a contradiction, you can honor your principles AND question your beliefs. Today’s moon hovers in your no-nonsense sixth house, keeping you grounded in your values. But as la luna forms a hard angle to transformational Pluto in your expansive ninth house, you’re encouraged to open your mind to other perspectives—even if you think your view is the “correct” one. Explore the options before rejecting them, Taurus. And if you’re motivated to make some changes, don’t do anything drastic until you’ve investigated all angles.


If you see something, say something. Your Spidey senses could get triggered today thanks to a square between the moon and shadowy Pluto in your eighth house of mystery. But are you reading this situation correctly? Your intuition is giving you clues, but probably NOT the whole story. Don’t put your observations on loudspeaker, Gemini, or jump to conclusions. Respect people’s privacy and talk to them one-on-one to get the full picture.


Unresolved family dynamics could play out in a key relationship. An incendiary square between the moon in your domestic sector and shadowy Pluto in your partnership house may cause you to project your parental issues (particularly with your mother) onto a colleague or the object of your affections. Pause before reacting, Cancer, and recognize that you’re probably just having a bit of a flashback here.


Your mind and body are not separate entities, a reminder that comes courtesy of today’s square between the moon in your mental third house and probing Pluto in your health zone. Pay attention to the link between your vitality (or lack thereof) and your thoughts. Being in a continually stressed-out state could lead to physical ailments. If you’ve been run down or have a persistent ache, the cause may be emotional. Are you concerned about a loved one but keeping it to yourself? Approach this person and speak from the heart instead of delivering a lecture.


Virgo to the rescue? Not this time. You’re programmed to problem-solve, but under today’s stars, resist the urge to slip into the role of savior. With a tricky square between the moon in your security sector and shadowy Pluto in your dramatic fifth house, donning your superhero cape will throw you off your game. Besides, some people might be more interested in churning up conflict than actually finding resolution. Do yourself a favor and keep a tunnel-visioned focus on your own business today.


Time to cut the cord? Today, a tricky square between the Libra moon and potent Pluto in your family house uncovers ties that bind a little TOO tightly. If you tend toward excessive pleasing with your loved ones, now’s the time to evolve. Dare to speak up or to take a different path than the one your clan would approve of (or so you think). You are the guardian of your own happiness, Libra. Adopt a policy of “live and let live” and keep putting it into practice every day.


Insecurity alert! Today’s moon-Pluto square could suck you into the no-win game of comparing yourself to others. Trying to measure up to your peers and friends is bound to be a total downer, so why go there? Doing so might even make you tone down your pioneering ways in the name of fitting in. Conformity has never been your thing, Sag, so stick to what you do best. In other words, continue being your idiosyncratic, lovable self!


Your steadfast sign likes to live by the rules, but not today. You can thank a tricky angle between the moon in your disciplined tenth house and intense Pluto in Capricorn for this switch-up. Give your spirit a bit more room to roam free, but don’t swing to the other extreme by abandoning all structure. Review your current commitments and see where you can scale back in the name of pursuing your passions. You’ve also got the cosmic green light to graciously bow out of an obligation to give you more “me, myself, and I” time.


Codependent dynamics, begone! Today’s adventurous ninth house moon brings out your indie spirit in full force, leaving you craving freestyle solo exploration. But warning: la luna forms a tough square to intense Pluto in your needy twelfth house, which could draw energy vampires into your orbit. Be totally upfront about how much time and energy you’re willing to share with people. Don’t string anyone along or leave them hanging. Not interested? Be polite but direct. Remember that “no” is a complete sentence.


Close the opinion polls, Pisces. And while you’re it, think twice about how much you dish about your personal relationships. Under today’s moon-Pluto square, could you kick yourself for revealing too much to your inner circle, especially when it comes to your love life. You could have a cleanup mission on your hands tomorrow if you make your boo sound like a raving lunatic. If you really need to unload, talk to your most trusted friend or get on your therapist’s books asap.


Being cryptic again, Scorpio? Today’s tense square between a foggy twelfth-house moon and intense Pluto in your communication sector could muddy your message. People might see you as passive-aggressive, flighty or even evasive. Whether you’re keeping a few key details to yourself or not, it’s a good idea to get clear on exactly what you want to express BEFORE you open your mouth. Reach out to a confidante, turn to your trusty journal or give meditation a whirl.