Daily Horoscopes

Saturday September 18, 2021


Where’s the fire, Aries? Slow down and take your time on Saturday as the moon eases into Pisces and your languid twelfth house. You have cosmic permission to take an afternoon nap or putter around, doing whatever you please. But if you start to sink into “a mood,” make a point of getting out. Move the energy with a walk near water or a late-late summer swim, if it’s still warm enough for a dip! Sunday’s stars bring a stroke of good luck as the intuitive Pisces moon forms an auspicious angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises. This might be a happy accident, like finding a fifty-dollar bill in your jeans pocket. Or maybe out of the blue you connect with a former colleague who mentions a perfect side gig. Anything that feels too random to be a coincidence is worth paying attention to!


It’s an “all for one and one for all” kind of Saturday with the mild Pisces moon rubbing shoulders with teammates in your collaborative eleventh house. While there will obviously be certain aspects of the project that you and only you can do, surely there are other components that would benefit from others’ input. No, Bull, you’re not “slacking” if you reach out to your social network and ask for ideas. You could hit the creative jackpot! If you don’t feel like going along with your squad on Sunday, don’t think twice about diverting from the party line. The moon is in your community sector, but it’s in emo Pisces AND aligned with liberated Uranus in your sign, encouraging you to march to your own drummer. Without feeling the need to kowtow to peer pressure, you could come up with a brilliant solution to a nagging issue. If you really need companionship, reach out to people who don’t require constant conversation to feel connected.


Don’t wait or procrastinate another second this Saturday! With the poetic Pisces moon winging through your tenth house of career ambitions, simply diving into the most creative task on your punch list can get the wheels of innovation turning. As one of the zodiac’s “overthinkers,” you sometimes try to map out a project in your head before you embark on it. But under Saturday’s inspirational lunar energy, it’s better to jump in and play, THEN see where your imagination leads you. Think far outside the box on Sunday as the creative Pisces moon aligns with radical innovator Uranus. Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels again? Instead of racing toward your goal, how can you “swim” your way to the finish line without putting undue pressure on yourself? 


There’s a world of difference between speaking your whole, unvarnished truth—which could deeply hurt or offend someone you care about—and being honest yet compassionate. Saturday, as the tough-scaled Pisces moon powers up your candid ninth house, it’ll be easy to take “constructive criticism” a step too far. There’s no need to withhold important feedback—just pay attention to HOW you sound when you express it. Bottom line: Even though you believe it 100 percent, it’s still just your opinion. On Sunday, that same empathic Pisces moon aligns with alchemical Uranus in your communal eleventh house. You can make magic simply by introducing people with radically opposing points of view. You don’t have to referee; just bring up a topic and see what happens when such different types come together. While you might want to declare politics off-limit, other controversial subjects could prove eye-opening. And don’t be shy about sharing your own unique opinions. 


Ground yourself before leaving the house or getting on any important calls this Saturday, Leo. With the mutable Pisces moon flowing through your eighth house of intense emotions, you might not be in full control of your reactions and what gets blurted out as a result. Ideally before you have breakfast or coffee, stop and do some mindful breathing or listen to a centering meditation. Just being present can help you stay focused. Out of the blue, you might get an epiphany about your future trajectory this Sunday as the intuitive Pisces moon aligns with transformative Uranus in your zone of long-term goals. You don’t have to quit your day job or do anything radical (however much Uranus is spurring you on), but it might be worth taking a little time to think through the possibilities of something that gets you really excited. If nothing else, it can keep you motivated all day!


No one will blame you (or SHOULD blame you) if you get a little lost in your daydreams on Saturday! The visionary Pisces moon is floating through your seventh house of partnership all day, triggering one fantasy after another. This only happens for 60 hours a month, so make the most of it. But when you’re needed back in 3D reality, make sure you know what’s going on around you. And if you’re at the starting gate of a brand-new union, definitely bask in those rare, golden vibes. If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut—whether in a key relationship or your day-to-day routines—Sunday’s starmap can pull you out. The intuitive Pisces moon swings into a supportive sync-up with game-changing Uranus in your spontaneous, expansive ninth house. Without overthinking anything, find new sources of information and widen your intellectual or cultural horizons. Check out a different part of town, or just call someone whose conversation always opens your mind to new ideas.


Every step in the right direction will get you closer to your goals, Libra, so don’t underestimate the power of each smart choice! On Saturday, as the visionary Pisces moon sails through your sixth house of healthy living, you’ll be motivated to eat lighter, move your body and work on reducing those insidious stress levels! Bypass the steak frites and order the steak salad; take a rain check on the mimosa. And if you can take mini-meditation breaks throughout the day, brava! If someone says something that doesn’t sit right with you this Sunday, don’t accept things at face value. They could be deliberately withholding information—or trying to throw you off the scent. (Of course, it could be an honest mistake, OR you might be overly suspicious). Then again, with the moon in hazy Pisces aligned with alchemical Uranus in your chamber of secrets, there could be something very shady going that you should get to the bottom of. If you’re barking up the wrong tree, at least you’ll find out for sure by investigating.


Take your time getting started this Saturday. With the dreamy Pisces moon flowing into your domestic realm, you have cosmic permission to loll about the house and do whatever you please—with whomever you please, which might be no one but your fine self! You could be downloading some useful ideas for how to proceed with a sticky issue at work or to motivate someone who’s already checked out. Trust the intuitive process—and maximize it by writing down everything that occurs to you. Even your upbeat sign gets down sometimes, Archer. And if you really let yourself feel what you’re feeling this Sunday, you might realize it’s not a funk—you may just be overcome by emotionality. That’s not your M.O., but going deep inside and being vulnerable is a good (if rare) thing for you. Let your walls down, open your heart and share something with a confidante or new friend. Speaking with this kind of authenticity can do wonders to give you insight—and cement that bond.


Not every day is ideal for tackling your toughest to-do items, Capricorn. And Saturday, as the languid Pisces moon powers down in your third house of socializing and collaboration, you’re actually encouraged to leave the grunt work for next week. This is a perfect day to throw yourself into more creative and interactive tasks. Meet a friend for coffee on the sidewalk and let the schmoozing and brainstorming flow! Normally you think before you speak (or email, text or post online), but Sunday’s stars might loosen your lips enough that you need to be extra mindful. With the foggy Pisces moon in your communication corner aligned with spontaneous Uranus in your house of expression, you might surprise yourself with what comes out of your mouth. If you’ve been holding something in that needed to come out, this could be a blessing in disguise. But if you should keep some tact and decorum, be slow to blurt!


Dial up the self-discipline on Saturday, and you can conquer a task that’s been confounding you for some time. Although the moon starts the day in your sign, it slips off to Pisces before you get seated for brunch. There, it will rev through your productive second house for the rest of the weekend, providing momentum to tackle some tasks that have been weighing on your spirit. Break them down into smaller projects, and after you finish each one, reward yourself with a cup of tea or a brisk power walk. Then come back and finish the job! Whatever your monetary M.O. has been for the past few months, Sunday’s moon in your house of finances and security invites you to get more serious about your budgeting. Do you have enough liquidity to get by for one month, three months—how about six? While no one is making specific predictions about the future of global markets or local businesses, it can only be to your benefit to have a backup plan in place. Ask your wisest financial advisers for their reliable input. With radical Uranus greeting la luna, who knows? You might be investing in crypto or commodities before the weekend is through.


With the moon in your compassionate sign on Sunday, your generosity will be hard to hide! Sometimes it’s easy to be an ostrich and ignore everything that’s going on around you—and there’s always a legit-sounding reason (too much work, family responsibilities, not feeling well…). But if you’ve been feeling the call to do SOMETHING, ask around under these collaborative and world-bettering moonbeams. Anything that you truly care about will be perfect. Don’t make any assumptions this Sunday, and you could have your mind blown! The moon in your sign forms a supportive angle with spontaneous and surprising Uranus in your house of ideas and communication. You might be thinking or reading about something when somebody makes a comment that puts it all in perspective or is a total game-changer. At work, a casual conversation could lead to a whole new way of problem-solving, so keep a VERY open mind!


Just TRY to fly under the radar this Saturday, Scorpio! With the glamorous Pisces moon activating your flirtatious fifth house, you will be noticed wherever you go, even if that’s just in Zoom gallery view. If you’ve got something to pitch or report, or anything inspirational to broadcast to the masses, be sure to look the part. Be a little dramatic. YOU know this isn’t you flaunting your ego or making a power grab but being strategic about getting an important message across! Sunday is all about making connections—on however deep a level you care to—as the empathic Pisces moon in your passionate fifth house aligns with transformational Uranus in your relationship house. As much as you like to think you’re self-reliant, you do better when you’re connected with someone who gets and respects you. This weekend, you might get a rare opportunity to team up with someone for professional or romantic reasons. Don’t question too much. Allow things to develop and THEN you can do your formal evaluation.