7 Gardening Products To Bring Your Green Thumb Up To Speed

Are you ready for summer? Bring your green thumb up to speed with this high-tech gardening tool kit.

The tech and gardening world need not any separation and we’ve brought you the tools to prove it.

Here, 7 gardening products that add a little innovation and tech to your green thumb. 

1. Coir Blocks

Made from coconut husks, coir blocks are a lightweight alternative to lugging bags of potting soil or peat when preparing seasonal baskets, planters or even seeding vegetables. Add water and each block expands to eight litres of soil. $5, Lee Valley Tools,

2. Portable Planter

This sleek container has a couple hidden features we love. First, it’s on casters, making it easy to change location. And a large water reservoir and water level indicator means you’ll be watering less often while avoiding the mess and waste of drain-through planters. Self-watering square Modena planter (22-inch), $112, Amazon.ca, The Home Depot

3. Cut the Cord

This cordless washer or waterer can hook up to or draw water from any source. Rechargeable battery power makes it more transportable than traditional power washers while still delivering up to 320 PSI. Worx Hydroshot 20V Portable Water Nozzle, $150, Lowe’s

4. Within Reach

Extend your range with Yardworks telescoping tools. The carbon blades of these shears feature a nonstick coating for precise, clean cuts. Plus, the lightweight aluminum handles include a gel grip for a comfortable, secure hold. Yardworks Telescopic Grip Shears, $39, Canadian Tire

5. It’s not quite the Batmobile but …

Love the idea of outsourcing? We do, too. Husqvarna’s latest robotic mower can cut up to 1.25 acres on a single charge, rain or shine. Simply set the time of day, frequency and cut height on the mower or remotely via smartphone app. The electric motor is so quiet you can even set it to run overnight. Husqvarna 450X Automower, $4,000, Husqvarna.ca

6. Squeaky Clean

Scrub Daddy sponges stay hard in cold water and soften the warmer the rinse. Perfect for tough or delicate jobs, indoor and out. $15 (for 3), Home Outfitters

7. Dollars and Space

Working off a single handle with rechargeable battery pack, Ryobi’s Expand-It garden series and attachments save on storage, and on money. Plus, use the same battery and charger with up to 70 other Ryobi power tools to save even more. 40V X Expand-It Cordless Trimmer, $248. Expand-It attachments (Hedge Trimmer and Tiller also shown), from $98, The Home Depot