Professional Secrets for Dinner Parties Made Easy

(NC)—Let’s face it – all hosts want to get rave reviews from their guests. But cooking to impress over the holiday season can be a stressful experience. World-renowned chef Marco Pierre White shares his top tips to keep your dinner parties as streamlined as possible this year:

• All menus are about balance. There should be a balance of textures, temperatures, colours and flavours across the meal.

• If you’re going to make the main course the standout course, go easy on yourself by serving a cold starter and simple ice cream or sorbet for the other courses. Fruit and a cheese plate make the perfect finishing touch.

• Don’t be afraid of buying in – just as they do in France and Italy sometimes. Charcuterie, smoked salmon, great bread or a fine apple tart are always impressive. It’s okay to get some help!

• Save time with stock. Many products can help you save time in the kitchen without pushing taste and value to the back burner. New Knorr Homestyle Stock uses carefully selected ingredients and melts instantly into hot dishes for added flavour, or can be diluted for a hearty broth to create delicious meal options quickly and easily.

• Serve vegetables and side dishes ‘family style’ rather than struggling against the clock to plate all the components like a professional.

• Keep it simple. If you’re relaxed, your guests will be too. That’s the secret.