Fresh Canteen Delivers Locally-Sourced Groceries (and Recipes) Right to Your Door

Fresh Canteen

If you’re an at-home gourmand, you’re already familiar with organic or locally sourced grocery delivery services that send a box full of gorgeous, and good-for-you ingredients right to your front door ready for your culinary creations.

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Toronto’s Fresh Canteen is a new spin on this concept: every two weeks the website presents users with a new batch of recipes to select from, with the option to feed two or four-persons, and then sends the ingredients needed to make the dishes to your front door.

It’s essentially a recipe (or recipes) of the week club that puts an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients and makes it easy for you to whip up dishes like Hoisin Pork with Slaw or Margherita Pizza without buying more groceries than you need for the one meal. Everything you need is included in the refrigerated box (if the recipe calls for two tablespoons of soya sauce, it’s in there).

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The recipes are professionally crafted and designed to be healthful and quick to cook up (in about 30 minutes or so). Early favourites include Asian Cod, Mock Butter Chicken, a vegetarian Buddha Bowl, and Tacos with all the fixings. It’s a great option for urbanites, couples or small families, or  those looking to discover some new, go-to recipes.

To learn more visit Fresh Canteen.