3 Overly-Easy Egg Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Who doesn’t love a nice breakfast in bed? Pamper your loved ones with a few of these easy ideas, all under $15!

1. Silicone Heart Shape

This heart shaped cut-out is perfect for eggs cooked any way – and pancakes! Let your imagination run wild and free with the ways to use this.

If you’re looking for this item, check out www.Trudeau.ca and use their retail locator by region and postal code! 

2. Scrambled Eggs Made Easy

The people over at Clever Food just made scrambled eggs and frittatas as simple as adding eggs! With these easy to use flavor samples, suitable for vegetarians, you can turn boring and plain eggs into something more fun. They come in three fun flavours, Leafy Greens, Rancheros, and Mediterranean.

After trying this product, we do think there is a need for a touch of salt or whatever veggies are lingering in your fridge to boost it up.

If you’re looking for this product, it’s carried at Metro Grocery Stores.

3. Eggs Benny!

I don’t know if you’ve tried making Eggs Benedict at home, doing trial and error with adding vinegar to the water, swirling the water to drop the egg in, or any other tip the internet gives you, but they rarely work – or definitely don’t the first time you try.

This silicone egg poacher, which comes in a single or double format is simple, easy, and a breeze to clean. You can even cook the double poacher in the microwave, no need to boil water.

This product can also be found on www.Trudeau.ca by using their retail locator.