What’s for (State) Dinner?

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The best of spring’s bounty along with a drizzle or two of Canadian whisky is on the menu for Prime Minister Trudeau’s state visit to Washington D.C.

The glitz and glamour of a state dinner isn’t just about who’s coming and what they’re wearing, but as all true foodies know, about what they’re eating.

So what’s being served up when US President Barack Obama hosts Prime Minister Trudeau on Thursday night in the White House’s East Room?

According to the White House, the menu features an array of dishes including baked Alaskan halibut with angel hair asparagus, chanterelles and spring onion, finished with herbs from Mrs. Obama’s personal garden.

The main course of herb-crusted lamb, accompanied by Yukon Gold potato dauphinoise and lightly sautéed spring vegetables is finished with Yukon Jack Canadian Whisky. (Interestingly, herb-crusted lamb was the main course at the last Canada State Dinner state dinner, 19 years ago, when Bill Clinton hosted Jean Chrétien.)

Dessert continues with the spring theme with a maple pecan cake and an assortment of other pastries, but the real star of the sweet table is a handmade sugar sculpture called “A View from the Mountain Top” inspired by the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, extending from New Mexico to Canada.

Three wines will be served, including Pence Chardonnay “Sebastiano” 2013, Cliff Lede, “High Fidelity” 2012 with the main course; and Chateau Chantal Ice Wine 2013 with dessert.

Here’s the full menu: