Classic Toys In Their Later Years

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Now this would make for a great feature film: what if the toys you once loved in childhood grew up alongside with you? What if Barbie developed a full-figured physique and G.I. Joe acquired a cane?

This is the vision of Venice, California-based illustrator Maura Condrick’s series, Toy Story: The Later Years. Her illustrations depict Barbie and Ken, G.I. Joe and Mr. Potato Head later in life and showing the signs of aging bodies and faces.

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Even the classic Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls are showing their age. As their description reads they’ve “survived Tsarist rule, revolutions and regime changes to say nothing of the endless “stacked” jokes. Blame it on the vodka.”

The series isn’t exactly politically-correct, but it is amusing and certainly food for thought. With the toy market aiming to be inclusive in every other aspect of diversity (such as race and ability), is there a market for the mature toy bracket?

Source: Daily Mail