A Brilliant Blow Dry

83908164-1.jpgThe Brazilian Finishes Frizz

The buzz began after Nicole Richie, Lionel’s daughter, blogged about the blow-dry treatment last spring.

Richie explained to her fans that her curly hair had been hard to maintain and she’d found a treatment that allowed her to be curl- and carefree.

Since Richie’s blog, the Brazilian Blowout has been a hair-styling hit, popping up in select salons across Canada and the world.

Domenico & Drea, located in Toronto’s posh Yorkville area, was one of the first salons in Canada to offer the Brazilian Blowout last July.

The treatment brought customers from as far away as New Brunswick. “Since the end of July, I would say we have had about 80 people come in from all over the place for this treatment,” says Andria Mendicino-Sanelli, co-owner of Domenico & Drea.

Though it is desired by many, the $400 to $500 price tag limits it to the select few. It makes sense that the treatment would be popular with Zoomers, “Mostly that demographic has the money to do it, they are the group with disposable income,” says Mendicino-Sanelli.

The Brazilian Blowout is a keratin (protein) treatment that fills in damage and dryness in the hair. It differs from chemical methods in that the keratin treatment can be used on many different types of hair including bleached hair and colour-treated hair, because of its more natural ingredients.

It helps those with curly hair, but Mendicino-Sanelli says the blowout is for everyone. “We’ve had people from the straightest of the straight to the curliest of the curly and everyone notices a difference.”

“I did it to go on vacation and it removed the frizz and the curl, I could blow dry my hair myself. I haven’t had it done in months and I can still tell the difference,” says Liliana Coimbra, a customer of Domenico & Drea.

The key to remaining frizz-free after the treatment is to use the correct hair products. Domenico & Drea suggests using only sulfate-free products, such as Moroccan Oils as both your shampoo and conditioner — sulfates strip the keratin out your hair.

Being a woman of ethnic descent with thick, curly hair, I was intrigued by the treatment. So, I visited Domenico & Drea for my very own Brazilian Blowout.

The process is simple: They strip the hair of any product and give it a quick blow dry. Then they begin coating the hair with the Keratin treatment.

After many years of getting relaxers, I am used to having to shriek, “Okay, it’s burning!” once I am ready for the chemicals to be rinsed. I was relieved to know the product on my head was not going to burn my scalp.

After my hair was completely covered it was time for another blow-dry. Of course I was slightly alarmed when Domenic, co-owner of Domenico & Drea, approached me with ear-protectors and smoke masks (one for each of us). However I felt a little more comfortable after he explained that blow dry will be sealing the product into my hair and that will create some smoke (okay, still a little worried).

After my hair was blow-dried on high heat, a hair-straightener was run through my strands at 450 degrees (hot!). I was told the high heat helps the product last longer, so my straight, shiny, frizz-free hair might last three to four months.

Et voila! I have experienced my first Brazilian Blowout.

Beware: the tough part does not take place at the salon. For 72 hours after the treatment you must leave your hair down with no kinks. No ponytails, no braids- nothing. I was also encouraged to go as long as I possibly could without washing my hair (a little less than a week) as it would make the treatment last longer.

Truth be told, there is a noticeable difference in the texture and look of my hair. Even my father- a man who is oblivious to anything involving female aesthetics- noticed a difference and commented. “Wow, your hair looks different. Looks good!” he said.

My hair feels incredibly silky, smooth, and soft. It moves! So, the verdict is in: Frizz? Free to go straight from here on in.

— Tianna Robinson

*Note: there have been further research and developments on this treatment. Make sure to do plenty of research to find out if it is the right treatment for your hair type.