A New Age of Modelling

By Brooke Benjamin
The world of modelling has never been forgiving of aging, but we are happy to report that this is finally changing.

Veteran ’90s model Kristen McMenamy stole the runway this past Monday in a Chanel fashion show, donning a figure-hugging one-piece swimsuit.

The 46-year-old has been grabbing headlines ever since she stopped colouring her hair and went back to her natural grey. She created quite a buzz when she debuted her silver locks last year at a Calvin Klein show.Women worldwide began to question whether they too should quit colouring.

It seems that people in the fashion industry are beginning to see the beauty of aging, and we can only hope she will continue to inspire many to follow suit.

As the beauty editor at UK Vogue puts it, “Stopping at nothing to look just a few years younger is starting to look dated itself.” We couldn’t agree more.