Fashion Thursday: Stay Warm, Stay Cool

Don’t let your wardrobe fall just because the temperature has! The key is to find a perfect winter jacket that seamlessly complements your style. Take a look at some of our favourite picks this season and why they work!

By Brooke Benjamin
Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall

A Marvellous Mosaic

The winter months don’t have to be all drab and no fab. Step outside your comfort zone and have a little fun with a colourful patterned jacket like this one. Keep your outfit underneath neutral to avoid looking too busy.

Blue Suede Shoes

Nothing says glam like some lace with a touch of fur. It is the perfect marriage of timeless and trendy. This fashionista rocks hers with a more formal outfit, but don’t be scared to don this coat with a more casual look too!

Cloaked in Mystery

The cape coat is a chic but comfortable way to keep warm. Since it is quite voluminous, balance out your outfit by keeping the bottom half streamlined.

In the Mix

Be bold and opt for a brightly-coloured coat! It’s unexpected, daring, and sure to brighten up even the dreariest of winter wardrobes.

Yo Dude!

A black pea coat is an absolute necessity for every man. It will protect you against the elements while also keeping you looking sharp. This jacket will endure time, weather and any trend.

Dress Down Chic

If Lenny Kravitz is wearing it, it must be cool. There is just something about a good leather jacket. It instantly breeds a cool confidence and makes a strong fashion statement, for men and women alike.