Celebrities Ageless Hairstyles

Whether it’s your years or lifestyle that’s ageing your hair, there are ways to make it look more youthful. Sean Goddard, a Redken Artist at Salon Tocci  critiques some of our favourite celebs on their ageless hairstyle.

By Charmaine Gooden

 ROCKING RED HEADS (Susan Sarandon)

Reds, like copper and auburn, look great on mature women or defy convention with bright and vibrant shades.  Its important to maintain the shine using products like hair oils (Redken All Soft Argan 6 Oil) to keep hair looking alive and healthy.

BLONDE BELLE (Michelle Pfeiffer)

The tones and texture of Pfeiffer’s hair are youthful and current. The color adds just the right amount of warmth for her skin and the undone styling is easy to do yourself.  You absolutely don’t have to go short, as you get older.


Your twenty-something shade won’t work when you’re 50. Extremely dark hair can look hard and fake next to mature skin. Downshifting from espresso brown to a softer shade, like maple or chestnut, can erase years.


Platinum haircolour is great for women with grey concerns, as it won’t show roots as frequent as darker shades.  A cropped style with volume is a very safe bet for mature women. Just keep the style and shape fresh and classic for a timeless look like Mirren.

BANG ON (Kim Cattrall)

A soft fringe hides a multitude of concerns. Beautiful color, makes Catrall look young without trying too hard.

TOP CROP (Dame Judy Dench)

Short hair is great for a wash-and-go lifestyle but also for a woman who is confident in her beauty and wants to make a strong statement. The edginess of this short crop is a refreshing change from the blown out volume looks that mature women often feel they need. It keeps her looking young, current and fresh. A wax pomade (Redken wax blast 10) works great to create texture.