Older Ladies Dress the Best: Ari Seth Cohen to Launch Film

If you missed our feature on Ari Seth Cohen from our June 2011 issue, it’s time for you to get caught up! About three years ago, Cohen was working at the New Museum book store in New York when he started shooting stylishly dressed Zoomer-aged ladies and gentlemen as a hobby. His hobby evolved into a full-time gig, as Cohen quickly realized that this was a niche that had not yet been tapped and that’s when he started his mega successful blog, Advanced Style. With such a strong following, many of his regular ladies have become stars in their own right.

In our interview with him, Cohen stated, “No one really focuses on older people, but the more women I spoke to on the street the more I became convinced that the young were learning their style from their elders.” We couldn’t agree more!

Cohen is digging even deeper and is working on an extended documentary where we will be able to take a more in-depth look at the lives of some of his most fashionable and exuberant subjects. Check out the trailer for the film above. The documentary is planned to come out this summer.

-Brooke Benjamin