Fashion Thursday: Making a Spectacle

Unfortunately, as we get older, one of the things that goes is our eyesight. Of course, with that comes the need for eyeglasses, which makes many of us cringe, but do not despair! Glasses used to be just a simple practical aid for people who needed help with their eyesight, but these days they are the ultimate accessory in making a fashion statement. The different shapes and colours are endless, and there’s sure to be a pair that will compliment your lifestyle and personality perfectly. Click through the slideshow to see some of our favourite eyewear looks.

By Brooke Benjamin
Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall

  An Eye for Style

These days, black thick-framed glasses, sometimes called “nerd” glasses, are worn by the coolest kids in class. Yes, that’s right. Trendsetters everywhere are rocking frames that would make Steve Urkel proud.

Art Scape

Round frames are making a major comeback. They’ve been popping up on runways everywhere. Pick a pair up in a daring red to get in touch with the fashionista in you!

Into the Blue

If you prefer a flexible, lightweight and less noticeable option, go for a classic pair of rimless eyeglasses.

Orange Pop

If black thick frames or round red ones are a little too bold for you but you still want to make a bold fashion statement, go for a pair with clear frames!

Cuff Links

These vintage-style glasses feature an iconic silhouette that is oh-so-classically cool.