Fashion Thursday: Style Spotlight Jeanne Beker

By Brooke Benjamin

As publicized yesterday, the iconic series Fashion Television, hosted by 2011 Zoomer cover star Jeanne Beker announced the decision to suspend production on the show. The series has been running for a staggering 27 years and aired in 140 countries. Needless to say, the reach and influence of Fashion Television was nothing short of incredible. It allowed everyone and anyone to become a part of this once seemingly inaccessible world of high fashion. This was in large part because of the raw, sometimes quirky and always relatable qualities conveyed by host Jeanne Beker. She has been outspoken about being far from flawless, but Beker truly thrives when thrown into the trenches of fashion, and we were all fortunate enough to be brought along for the ride. It is simply inconceivable that anyone else could have carried this show for as long as she did. It is for this reason that this week’s Fashion Thursday is dedicated to Ms. Beker herself. Check out our slideshow to see some of Jeanne’s most memorable looks!