Fashion Thursday: Animal Instinct

Text by Brooke Benjamin
Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall

Animal Print is one trend that spans all generations, seasons and occasions. What sets it apart is that it has a timeless feel while still making a bold and modern statement – quite the combo. The ways you can incorporate this print into your wardrobe are endless. Click through the slideshow to see some Zoomers show you how it’s done.

This lady shows that you can accessorize cool neutrals with two different types animal prints. They don’t have to be a perfect match to work together!

Those who prefer a more demure appeal when it comes to fashion shouldn’t take animal print off the table! Many make the mistake of thinking it is always attention-grabbing and loud. But this lady shows us that in a darker shade, animal print can also exude an understated glamour.

This fashionista shows how to pump up the fun by rocking this typically black and brown print in an unexpected colour- blue!

This lady shows the perfect way to rock this trend through the hot summer months. Her chic long-strap zebra print bag perfectly complements her trendy neutrals.

We have to commend any man brave enough to don a little animal print; as you may have noticed from our slideshow, not many are- we just don’t know why! For men, a leopard print loafer is the perfect way to kick up the style factor with any outfit whether it be with a jacket and striped shirt like this gentleman or a simple jeans and T-shirt combo.