Fashion Thursday: Stay Cool!

Summer is officially here, folks! Even though we may all be a little mentally checked out, soaring temperatures are no excuse to sacrifice our style. Summer fashion should be easy, breezy, effortless and above all – cool! Take a look through our slideshow for some great ideas on how you can stay fashionably cool this season.

By Brooke Benjamin
By Roslyn Griffith Hall

A lightweight, flowy dress is as essential to summer as a coat is to winter! It allows for better air flow. Take this look even further by pairing it with a chic statement necklace and gladiator sandals. You will surely be a style stake winner.

Nothing says summer like all white! This look is fresh and effortlessly chic when done right. It is also the coolest colour you can wear, win win! Tip: debunk that myth that white is unflattering by making sure the fit is just right; neither oversized nor snug as seen here.

This summer, the top knot can be your go-to hairstyle! Not only is it totally chic and trendy, but will keep you as cool as a cucumber! Added bonus: this do comes in very handy when you just don’t have time to wash your dirty tresses.

Try trading in your favourite black jeans for a white pair to show you’ve transitioned your wardrobe for the warmer months.

For casual days, the t-shirt is heaven-sent! Make sure it’s 100% cotton, and as thin as possible without being see-through. Pump up your look with some statement sandals.

 A hat is essential to keeping cool this summer, and protecting our skin from the sun. Whether you chose a floppy straw one, or a trendy fedora, hats don’t only give shade, they make some bold fashion statements too!