Fashion Thursday: Up to Spec

With the summer sun comes the need to shield our precious eyes- fashionably, of course. Squinting is not chic, nor is it good for wrinkles! Although they serve an important protective function, sunglasses can also speak volumes about your style. The trends are always changing, and the size and style options to choose from are endless. Try on as many styles as you need before you find that pair that was made for your face. Don’t forget to get sunglasses that have UVA and UVB blocking lenses and also polarized lenses for the ultimate fashion accessory with function. Click through the slideshow to see some of our favourite eyewear looks!

By Brooke Benjamin
Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall

We like to call this style of shade face blockers. Those huge dark sunglasses that kind of make you feel invisible- very popular among the celebrity crowd. That’s probably why they add instant Hollywood glam to any outfit. Not to mention they are perfect for days when your eyes are a little puffy or you just didn’t have time to apply makeup!

Aviator-style eyewear has been fashionable for what seems like forever, while always continuing to evolve with the trends. They are boldly stylish, and their appeal spans across all generations, dress codes and genders. The best part is that you can get a pair of aviators that you love at pretty much any price point!

These wayfarer-style sunglasses haven’t changed in almost 60 years, making them the ultimate retro shade. They are old and new, iconic and hitting that trend mark all at the same time. You may have an old pair packed away somewhere- it’s time to dig them up!

This fashionista is the definition of an accessory aficionado. While her outfit is fabulous, she has taken it to a whole new level with her statement-making accessories. A pair of shades with a little bit of bling may be right up your alley!

For the fashion risk-taker or simply just for a quirky flair, a pair of bright sunglasses are the perfect accessory for you!