Reaction to “Please Make Us Clothes That Fit”

Please Make Us Clothes That Fit  appeared in our July/Aug issue really struck a cord with our readers! We are sharing their comments below.

Thanks to Kathryn Brown for the terrific article. I don’t understand why manufacturers don’t get it! We want to look good and we have the money to spend on looking good. It’s not rocket science. I haven’t bought much in the way of clothing for the past five years because there it very little that fits me (especially pants). I have resorted to sewing my own clothes. Nobody wants to see my “muffin top”.


Hello,  I loved the article by Kathryn Brown, “Please Make us Clothes that Fit” it couldn’t be more appropriate for senior women.

I would state that it sets a great challenge for the Zoomers magazine to find across Canada retired women all sizes from different provinces and do a makeover.

Use regular women, not models.  And women that are on a fixed income like myself. It is very difficult to find appropriate fashionable clothes for women in their 50’s through to their 80’s that does not look like a bag for a top and pants that are too baggy.  We really do want to look savvy and brilliant most of the time! and  we have to work a little harder at it when we are older.

For me for instance:  I lost over the past 5 years 89 lbs.  I used to be 233 and now I am 144.  Due to colitis, type 2 diabetes, and osteoarthritis (two steel knees) and at 63 I must say I do not look that bad but to find clothing that is age appropriate and at the right cost is way too time consuming.  Track suits are not too bad!!. I get tired and frustrated having to go to store after store and then come out with something a 30 year old would wear.

I hope that the Zoomers magazine can do a spread on the Canadian regular retired, fixed income women and where they can shop for nice clothing at a cost that is affordable. There has to be some place in Canada that will cater to this group.

Good day!

Kudos to Kathryn Brown on her recent article in the July/August edition of Zoomer magazine entitled, ‘Please Make Us Clothes  That Fit’. Although advertisers would have us believe otherwise, the  reality is that about half the women out there are ‘somewhat’ heavier  than a Vogue model. It’s about time the clothing manufacturers  recognized that fact and addressed a large portion of their customer  base.
I can diet and exercise all I want but my body stays  pretty much the same – large tummy, fuller, saggier bust, heavier arms  and legs, non-existent waist. My body knows I am in my 60’s. Look  around, most women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and beyond are in pretty  much the same shape. We don’t want nor are we able to wear tight,  revealing clothes made for a size 0 woman with 15% body fat and a belly  button ring. Nor do we want to wear the unflattering ‘potato sacks’ some  manufacturers offer as their ‘plus size clothing panacea’ … ‘look  like your grandmother for under $100.00’! – that was probably an  insult to most grandmothers out there. Sorry.

Ms. Brown has catalogued the complaints perfectly.  Now, if we could get the manufacturers out there to take heed they would  make millions. And you would have a much happier contingent of ‘mature  ladies’ out there who just want to feel good when they get dressed for  work, church or a trip to the grocery store.

Thank you.


I LOVE getting my Zoomer every couple months (thanks to my brother it came a couple years ago as a birthday gift).
The winner for me in this publication (July & August) was “please make us clothes that fit”. I sure hope this woman lives near Sherwood Park Alberta AND would take on making me a wardrobe that fits WELL! Any chance?

THANK YOU to Kathryn Brown for her perfect article on clothes for mature ladies. I am so discouraged shopping for clothes these days, I feel like I’ve lost my identity!  As Kathryn says, size 8 to 14 may fit.You don’t know where to start and there is little staff available to help you in the stores most of the time.  Now, if only someone will pay attention.

I often find the same purchasing makeup.   The beautiful young women at the counters are helpful, however, I often wonder how they can understand the needs of us ‘mature’ Zoomer ladies?  It would be nice to have a few more ‘mature’ ladies at the counters.    I would love to be one!

Keep up the good work.


Hello there…

This is regarding Kathryn Brown’s article “Please make clothes that fit”.  I would like to say:  Amen, sis

Enjoyed Kathryn Brown`s article and agree totally.
Friends and I were discussing how difficult it is to fit clothes that fit and flatter without paying $200.-$400.

When I enquired at a store why all the dresses were sleeveless or very short sleeve the salesgirl replied ” those are the summer sleeves”.

I hope some designers and manufacturers are Listening, Please we all like to look “good’

thanks Kathryn for speaking for all of us over 60`s who are active and want to stay ‘young.’


Congratulations to Kathryn Brown for ‘PLEASE MAKE US CLOTHES THAT FIT’.

I now hate to shop for clothes because I know that I have to alter almost everything I buy, but I need new clothes since many of my old clothes are now too big. The one statistic that was not adequately discussed was height. If Ms. Brown studied women a decade or two older than she is, she would discover that many of us are much shorter than her minimum five feet two inches.  Over the years I have shortened many dozens of items of clothing for elderly relatives. I do ninety percent of my shopping now in stores that I know have well marked petite sections. Experience has taught me not to enter the majority of clothing retailers.

This problem applies to men as well. Unless an older man buys a “short” jacket, it is probably too long for him.

I hope the retailers are paying attention. Yes, there are many platinum cards out there. Too bad there are so few places to use them.


We agree wholeheartedly with Kathryn Brown’s article in Zoomer Magazine’s July/August 2012 issue

We too suffer from the aging phenomena of butt to gut evolution.   In other words,  our waists are thicker,  our butts disappear and our shoulders do not get wider.

We would like fashionable, well fitting clothes.  As we are not size 2  (and frankly never were).  Surely someone out there can cater to this large population of BOOMER and ZOOMER women.  We too like to look stylish and still be comfortable.

All you clothing manufacturers are missing a large market, please take note for us older gals.





Thank you, thank you, thank you for including Kathryn Brown’s informative article on the dilemma most of us face as we age…finding clothes that support our flair for fashion, but that properly fit our changing silhouettes.  After reading this article, I felt as though I had enjoyed a heart to heart discussion with a long lost girlfriend…it was as though I met someone who finally understood my frustration with the fashion industry!  I have found a few manufacturers that carry clothes that not only fit me properly, but look fashionable as well, and I am faithful to their brand.  And I also rely on the talented seamstress I visit who specializes in alterations, who can simply look at a garment I’m wearing and diagnose the problem…it’s worth the drive to the other side of the GTA for a consult from her!!

I’ve come to the age where I can take a stand against that which makes me uncomfortable or frustrated.  I recently decided to not renew my subscription to Chatelaine Magazine, which I had enjoyed in my younger years.  On the fashion suggestions related to ages, I was lumped into the “50s and beyond” category.  Now that I’m in my early 60’s, I guess I’m no longer part of the demographic that this magazine targets, so I will move on to another publication that appeals to my needs.

Congratulations to you for including Kathryn’s article, and THANK YOU KATHRYN for speaking for those of us who may have a little snow on the mountain, but still have some fire left in our furnaces!


I’ve just finished reading Kathryn Brown’s article about Making clothes to fit in the July/Aug. Mag. She hits the nail right on the head as far as we older women are concerned.So designers take heed when next at your drawing board and give us clothes that fit the more mature figure properly.
Thanks for a great article.


I enjoy your magazine very much – the best one published ever!!

Today I want to thank Kathryn Brown for her wonderful article: “Please Make

Clothes That Fit”.  She is absolutely right!!

Hope the designers listen


Loved Kathryn’s article regarding clothing that fits in your July/Aug. issue.  As a woman who needs and appreciates clothing designed and made, addressing all of the issues Kathryn mentioned, I met at Parry Sound Art in the Park one summer, a very small Canadian made clothing company called Peach Tree Originals based out of Markham.  I have purchased their wonderful clothing for many years and can tell you that every pattern they create, is created for “us”,……..bust darts, tummy issues, rounding of shoulders, etc.  They have been taking care of these issues for years.  Peach Tree Originals is one of the best kept secrets in the Toronto area.  Their phone # is 905-471-0096.


Was absolutly delighted to read this article – not being a seamstress I never could figure out why pants etc weren’t fitting as they used to!!
Like Kathryn, I too showed up to my bank job, in the early 70’s in a pant suite, unlike Kathryn I was told I had to go home and change………how things have changed!!
Love the magazine!!