Helen Mirren is Pretty In Pink

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No blue rinse for this grand dame.
Last night at the BAFTA awards in London, Dame Helen Mirren went for a pretty-in-pink hair style. The 67 year old actress appeared to take a style cue from such trendy pop stars as Katy Perry, Pink and Kelly Osbourne and coloured her blond hair a candy floss pink hue.
Her short pink hair was a head-turner on the red carpet, since the actress is known more for her classic good taste and refined gowns, rather than any bold red carpet fashion statements.
She leaves those body altering statements to her film roles where she loses herself in character – and costume – and is practically unrecognizable in films like The Queen and Hitchcock.
The actress told The Daily Mail her dye job was inspired by one of the winning contestants on America’s Next Top Model who sported pink tresses.
But the award-winning Mirren’s dye job looked more pretty than punk. Her shade of pink was soft and rosy and her matching lipstick and nail polish played in perfect harmony with her dove gray chiffon gown and silver metallic wrap.
Sometimes, a girl – regardless of her age – just wants to have fun.