Seeing Red

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The streets of Paris are once again running red.

While not in the bloodthirsty manner of the revolutionary days when the boulevards were literally drenched in blood but, in the past few months, citizens and visitors alike in the City of Lights were seen donning the red-hot hue.

While some cloaked themselves in robes and coats of red worthy of papal regality, others merely dipped their toes in the scarlet stream, using it sparingly as an accent.

Yet, whether it was a floor-length robe or a just a shoe or a hat, red definitely got the wearer noticed.

It’s one colour that attracts the eye to the wearer, making that person the centre of attention. No wonder it is a technique employed by artists and used in paintings for centuries.

This Valentine’s Day, go ahead and wear a touch of rouge. It just might make you the apple of someone’s eye.

Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall