Toronto Fashion Week: Korhani Fall 2013

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It’s probably the only fashion show in the world where carpets are wrapped, draped and stitched into fantastical dresses, ball gowns, coats and even pantsuits. A regular participant on the World Mastercard Fashion Week schedule – also known as Toronto Fashion Week – the show is always a crowd pleaser.

Of course, no one takes it seriously. The Toronto home décor company is not trying to enter the apparel world but merely seeks an innovative way to showcase their colourful – and not terribly expensive rugs – to a style savvy audience.

The runway show Wednesday night at David Pecaut Square in Toronto’s theatre district featured several décor trends – Art Deco, Andy Warhol Pop Art and Gothic drama.

While the crowd marveled at the technical expertise and the artistry it took the Korhani team to assemble these showstoppers – you also got the impression that a few of the more outrageously dressed audience members were cooing, “I’d wear that rug.”