Stylish Actresses Over 60

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Being an older woman is no easy walk in the park in Hollywood, a town where the currency is youth and nubile flesh.

But for these actresses over age 60, they still command our attention with their grace and beauty.

We take a look at these savvy stalwarts of the screen and stage and what we can learn from them on matters of style.

HELEN MIRREN, 67, You would think that pairing florals with pearls would seem mumsy. But this is not the case for this Dame. The flower print in an unexpected combo of navy, green and white paired with a multi-strand pearl necklace is sophisticated and modern.

FAYE DUNAWAY, 72. Formal evening attire doesn’t always have to be a fussy gown. A great alternative can be a pantsuit which hides a multitude of sins. It offers a structured jacket that covers arms, it nips in your waist and sharply pleated trousers slenderizes and lengthens your legs. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about getting special undergarments to suck in and smooth out trouble areas – which are often impossible to hide in a gown.

JANE FONDA, 75. You can get all sorts of procedures to smooth out the wrinkles on your face, but the neck can still be a give away. A jauntily tied scarf not only looks stylish, giving your outfit some panache, but also acts as the best cover-up for those neck wrinkles.

CATHERINE DENEUVE, 71. Never underestimate the power of a bold accessory. The legendary French actress dressed simply in demure black allows her clutch and scarf to make the high-impact statement.

DIAHANN CARROLL, 77. A legend knows that, often, simplicity can have the highest impact – like a graphic black and white combo.

JULIE ANDREWS, 77. Ditto for this other legend. Not only does black and white strikes a high note, it transcends time and trend. It’s a classic.

LINDA GRAY, 72. Don’t be afraid of bright colour – like a siren red. And note the cuff. A high voltage dress like this only needs a single bold accessory.


DIANE KEATON, 67. You still have a waistline. Cinch it with a wide belt and give yourself some curves.

SALLY FIELD, 66. A leather jacket is not just for rebellious youth. Get one in black, cropped at the waist, and yes, do pair it with pearls.

MERYL STREEP, 63. This Oscar winner shows that a sparkly sequined gown is not just for budding young starlets. The trick is not to pick one that is skin-tight, mermaid-shaped or voluminous like a ball gown. A glitter gown on an older woman issues the most wattage when it is fluid and drapes elegantly.

CHARLOTTE RAMPLING, 67. Don’t be afraid to raid your husband’s wardrobe. Androgyny can be elegant and timeless. A sharp top coat, simple trousers and flat laced-up brogues all add up to one stellar look.

SUSAN SARANDON, 66. Again, here menswear tailoring is a winner. But step out of the shadows in a printed pant suit.

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ISABELLA ROSSELLINI, 60. Don’t stress about formal evening attire. Sometimes, a fantastic oversized shawl is all you need.

GOLDIE HAWN, 67. Yes, Ugg boots can be ugly. But if you’ve ever tried a pair of these sheepskin boots, you cannot help but acknowledge they are the most comfortable footwear imaginable. So if you do indulge, take the laid-back California route and pair with jeans and a bohemian-looking top.