Father’s Day Fashion

This Sunday marks a very important day- Father’s Day! It is a day for us all to show our appreciation of our fathers and father figures alike. Often times, dads of the world get a little overlooked and may get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts – which is no fair! They may not have carried us for nine months, but a father’s bond with a child is just as irreplaceable and should be equally valued. This Father’s Day, no matter what you’ve got on the agenda, whether it’s a game of golf or a fancy dinner, we’ve got the fashion bases covered! Click through our slideshow for some ideas on what you can wear on your special day.

By Brooke Benjamin
Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall

Leisurely Brunch

Your favourite jeans with a crew-neck T-shirt and blazer is the perfect casual but cool look.

Dinner Date 

If you’re dining at a more casual spot, opt for some fitted jeans with a tucked-in dress shirt and some statement-making dress shoes. For a higher end venue, go for a smart pant and jacket combo with a dress shirt. Leave the tie at home for a look that’s equally polished but a little more relaxed than one you’d wear to the office.

Day of Golf

Most golf courses do have rules when it comes to dress code. Classic khakis with a collared white dress shirt or polo shirt is always a safe bet. Added bonus: if you’ve got lunch plans immediately following your golf game, you won’t need to change!

Ball Game

Denim on denim is very in right now so get it while it’s hot! Throw on your team’s hat and you’ve got an easy but stylish look.

Hitting the Bar for a couple Brews

Time to pull out your “cool guy” attire! Try a V-neck T-shirt with an open and very on-trend plaid shirt! Comfortable, stylish and low-maintenance.