How to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

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It is certainly hard to look pulled together when you feel yourself melting under extreme sunrays every time you step outside. But looking cool and staying cool can certainly go hand and hand with the right outfit. Follow a few style cues inspired by these celebrity looks to beat the heat.

Wear light colours. The sun is attracted to dark colours, so ditch the black apparel and trade it in for something light in the summer months to reflect the beams. Not only will you feel fresher, you’ll look it, too. Just look at Dame Helen Mirren!


Go Tie-less. There is no need to be choked up by a tie at your anniversary dinner or family wedding. Give yourself some air by saying goodbye to your tie and open the top button of your dress shirt. Paired with a dashing suit, as seen on Colin Firth, you’ll look just as pulled together.

Sure, 47-year-old Sandra Bullock looks a little risqué here in her embroidered tunic. But what we must take away from this is that items like tunics and kaftans are made in light fabrics that keep us cool.

Surprisingly, loose fitting clothes can be a great way to beat the heat. No need to go loose from head-to-toe, but pair a looser fitting top with a fitted bottom (as seen on Glenn Close) or vice versa and you’re set.

Men, linen is your friend and is not reserved for formal events on tropical beaches. Don’t be a slave to denim all summer long, linen will allow your skin breath. Try it in a shirt or pant, or both and you’ll feel the difference when you step outside. We can’t promise you’ll look like Brad Pitt, though.