A Request for Reverse Botox?

We are going to have to put this story under the category of “humble brag.” With a problem not many people suffer from, 47-year-old British grandmother Anne Bolton says she does not enjoy “looking half her age” and would like to have cosmetic surgery to look older. Try to keep your eyes from rolling.

The mother of four and grandmother of one says people are constantly assuming she is in her 20s. Mind you, the yellow short overalls and cropped tops she is photographed in are probably not helping her cause. And really, does she sincerely look like she’s in her 20s? That might be a bit of a stretch.

Bolton says her young looks are so terrible, they are ruining her life (again, stifle the eye roll), causing two divorces and two breakups as she is always getting attention from younger men. Also, her friends have abandoned her for making them look older.

She told the Daily Mail, “Everyone wants to look younger but I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say looking young is ruining my life. I would do anything for a few wrinkles to look my age.” And “Why I have none is a mystery to me but the older I get, the bigger the problem becomes for me. I need someone to invent the reverse of Botox because I’m desperate to look older.”

Read more about Anne at this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2379131/Grandmother-Anne-Bolton-Bristol-says-looking-young-ruins-life.html

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