DAILY FIX: Zara Home Opens in Yorkdale Mall

Photo Credit: Ryan Emberley for Zara Home.

Walking into the new Zara Home located in Toronto’s Yorkdale mall is like walking onto the set of a home decorating show. Thoroughly thought-out, each detail is appealing to the eye. Sections are conveniently themed as if browsing online, with similar items they think you’ll like grouped together.

The relation to the Spanish-brand’s popular clothing store is quite evident through its variety of eclectic pieces mixed with more contemporary and traditional (something for everyone!).  As for prices – they vary from high end to budget-friendly, targeting both the couple outfitting their new house and the established homeowner wanting to update their space with fresh linens and accessories. And just when you thought your home shopping couldn’t get any better, Zara Home restocks every two weeks with new items to keep consumers on their toes.