EZ Beauty: Jordan Liberty’s 50 and Fabulous Makeup Tutorial

In the tutorial below, professional makeup artist Jordan Liberty sets the record straight from the get-go when it comes to makeup tips for mature skin: they are dated. He then picks up the challenge of presenting some new techniques for making up his beautiful model. And in case you miss them, we’ve listed a few of the tips he whipped out at lightning speed during his fantastic tutorial:

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Here are the products Jordan used during his tutorial:

  • Smashbox “Blend” PhotoFinish Foundation Primer (PURminerals also makes a peach primer and Make Up For Ever makes a great orange-based primer for dark and deep skin tones that creates the same effect)
  • Cinema Secrets Foundation and Smashbox Foundation Brush
  • Smashbox PhotoFinish Hydrating Under Eye Primer
  • Smashbox HD Concealer and Royal [R]evolution Shadow Brush
  • Smashbox PhotoSet Pressed Powder and Stilazzi Powder Brush
  • Smashbox PhotoFinish Lid Primer and Studio Gear Concealer Brush
  • Urban Decay “ABC Gum” Shadow and Stilazzi Crease Brush
  • Bobbi Brown “Ivy Shimmer Ink” Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Touch-Up Brush
  • Urban Decay “Buck” and “Baked” Shadows (mixed)
  • Smashbox “Onyx” Limitless Liner Pencil
  • MakeUpForEver Smoky Lash
  • Bobbi Brown Brow Shadow and Smashbox #12 Brush
  • Smashbox “Flush” Blush and Stilazzi Blush Brush
  • Smashbox “Light” Nude Lip Liner
  • Smashbox “Primrose” Lipstick

And here are some of the tips mentioned in his video:

  • Peach tone primer to naturally brighten the skin
  • Using a cream foundation so you get more bang for your buck
  • He applies an under eye primer for smoothness and then tops with concealer using a shadow brush to feather it out
  • For the eyes, he uses a tinted primer to kill two birds with one stone and then adds a peach shadow to brighten up the crease
  • Next, cream eyeshadow applied with a stiff brush to add depth
  • For Jordan, all matte eyeshadows is not the way to go on  mature skin–he instead uses a combination of matte and satin
  • He also believes over-plucking the eyebrows will make you look older. We at EZ Beauty agree wholeheartedly
  • Instead of drab colours like brown and mauve, top the cheeks with a brighter colour
  • For his model, he opts for a nude-toned lip liner and a warm, peachy-toned lipstick


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