Going Dotty

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From big to small, the playful polka dot can perk up any look. Don’t be fooled: it is not reserved for the playground. When worn properly, this print can add quirk and style to the mature set, too.

We show you how to go dotty in this slideshow of looks photographed by our Look of the Day contributor Roslyn Griffith Hall.
Polka-dot pants! Why not? Paired with a simple white blouse, you can look chic.


Guys can rock the dots, too. If you’re feeling extra fun, wear in a contrasting colour to really make your outfit pop.

Who would have thought polka dots could look so elegant? We like what’s happening here. The polka dot can go a long way when done monochromatically


If subtlety is more your thing, try smaller dots on a small accessory like a slim tie or a small scarf.


Go bold! Why not pull your look together with a polka dot-printed coat. It’s bound to make you look polished no matter what you’ve got on underneath.