EZ Beauty: MAC’s Masterclass Brush Collection Will Change the Way You Apply Makeup

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MAC’s new Masterclass brush collection will change the way you paint your face. Spotted backstage at a fashion show in February 2013, the lineup’s most curious trait belongs to its design. They’ve done away with the usual painterly style of brush, and instead engineered something that might be confused for a toothbrush, or small hairbrush–but appearance is where the similarities end.

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Developing a New Style of Brush
The collection was designed by MAC’s Artist Training and Development team with the intent of creating a brush set that would make applying makeup easier for everyday beauty lovers, but also work well for the professional makeup artist’s kit. To meet this challenge, the brushes were constructed from a new type of synthetic fibre that mimics natural bristles. The brush heads and handles were re-conceptualized to run parallel to the face, instead of pointing towards it. The flexible, rubberized handles are comfortable and easier to hold than traditional brushes.

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How to Use the Brushes
And how do you use these new brushes? To be truly honest, on first use it will feel extremely odd (resist the urge to run them back and forth as you would to give your incisors a good scrubbing). Instead, place them on the face and use sweeping motions, or gently push into the skin to build intensity. Each brush excels at a different task–they are listed below:

Linear 1 (the small brush, $30): This is the brush for applying product along the top or lower lashes, or for filling in the brows.

Oval 3 (the medium-sized brush, $38.50): This is the brush for eyeshadow to the eyes, or spot treating under the eyes or the side of the nose with concealer or foundation

Oval 6 (the larger-sized brush, $50.50): This is the brush to use for applying primer, foundation, blush, and bronzer.

The set is available for purchase online now, and in-store across North America starting November 14, 2013.

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