Five Canadian Style Mavens

Photography by Chris Chapman

For some women, quality vintage clothes are collectibles, and they will travel the world over to seek rare garments from some of the most legendary couturiers in history.

A Dior dress can send their hearts aflutter – not one that came down the runway this season but one from more than 50 years ago, designed by Monsieur Christian Dior himself.

For these discerning eyes, clothing from past eras are prized for their immaculate craftsmanship, heritage and unique sense of style – and, in some cases, more affordable price points.

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In a world of fast, cheap and disposable fashion, it is also an eco-friendly way to dress that shows vintage has an enduringly chic appeal.

We present five Canadian style mavens who not only make their living as purveyors of museum-worthy antique clothing and accessories, but also dress the part (above).

CECE SCRIVER, 40, owner of legendary vintage boutique Courage My Love. 1950s skirt from Seminole Indians, 1970s Wrangler jean jacket, 1940s hat from Mexico City and Russian dancing shoes

LISA EKNES, 53, manager of vintage boutique Cat’s Meow. 1950s Christian Dior Couture hat, 1960s couture dress, 1970s silk jacket, 1950s beaded clutch and necklace

LYNDA LATNER, 61, CEO and director of e-commerce site 1950s Christian Dior Couture coat dress, Tony Duquette brooch, Judith Leiber clutch and Manolo Blahnik shoes

CAROLE TANENBAUM, 70, founder of e-commerce site 1990s Bill Blass dress, 1950s carved Lucite bag, Henry Schriner inverted crystal necklaces and bracelets and Silvia Fiorentina shoes

CARMELITA BLONDET, 46, owner of vintage boutique Divine Decadence. 1960s Paco Rabanne mother-of-pearl chain dress, 1920s bag, 1970s Gucci shoes and 1940s bracelet