Let the Rains Begin With Hunter Boots

As sure as this winter will pass, there will be the inevitable rains showers that come with spring. And as you put away heavy-soled and shearling-lined winter boots, you will need some wellies for trekking through the puddles.

Now would be a good time to get reacquainted with Hunter; the prestigious British company known for wellington boots and has been around for over 150 years and has two coveted Royal Warrants.

But for a company steeped in English tradition for so many years, they are hardly fusty. Their water proof rubber boots got a injection of cool when a few years ago, supermodel Kate Moss was photographed in a pair tromping through the mud at a music festival. And the late Princess Diana has also been known to favour them.

Now the company has made another cool move by tapping Alasdhair Willis (designer Stella McCartney’s husband) as the brand’s creative director, who will be expanding the brand into other categories like outerwear – as evidenced by a very splashy (literally, the runway was filled with water) fashion show during the recent collections in London.

But while you’ll have to wait until fall to experience those Hunter coats, this spring the company is introducing the Original Nightfall – a new take on the iconic Hunter Original boot they first introduced in 1956. Each boot is unique because it is made by combining the flow of natural black and white rubber.

Let the rains begin.

Hunter Original Nightfall Rain Boot, $235, www.ca.hunter-boot.com