TIFF 2014: Best Dressed Celebs

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The Toronto International Film Festival might not have the over-the-top red carpet glamour of other festivals like Cannes (billowing gowns and heaps of jewelry), but none-the-less the stars in town do turn up the sartorial wattage.

TIFF has always been viewed as the festival to launch the buzz on Oscar-worthy films, so perhaps with that in mind, the stars dress to do some serious business and meet-and-greet. Hence, you’ll rarely see a misstep on the red carpets or outfits that garner a what-were-they-thinking moment at TIFF.
As the film festival winds down this weekend, we round up some the best-dressed who graced the galas, the parties and press conferences this year.

Naomi Watts

Laura Dern

Patricia Clarkson

Jane Fonda

Tina Fey

Julianne Moore

Janet Jones

Octavia Spencer

Vera Farmiga


Rene Russo